Avanza takes the Silver in Financial Apps

Junaid Khan, CEO of Avanza Solutions, is based in Australia these days trying to develop the market for his products. After winning in the Financial Category at the P@SHA ICT Awards in Lahore, he flew from Perth to KL to present Avanza’s  award-winning product Rendezvous.

Junaid is a very intelligent individual who knows his product well. With some guidance from mentors Jawwad Farid, Zafar Khan and Yusuf Jan, he was able to tweak his presentation so that it was more conducive for the APICTA format.

The Financial Applications Category at APICTA is a very competitive category. To be recognized in this category, you need to be doing something really special and you need to be able to be lucid enough to convey why you deserve to be recognized.

By winning the APICTA Merit Award in KL, Junaid Khan and Avanza have proven that a solution out of Pakistan is right up there with the best in the region. Way to go guys!


P@SHA’s video on Youtube Account of PASHA PK