Wavetec’s LED Information Display Solution installed at Auction Holdings Limited


AHCX have been playing a major role in providing a huge platform for smooth tobacco trading activities with complete facilities and support in Malawi since 1936. On the launch of its new platform AHCX CEO Dr Evans said, “This market has been designed in a way that gives all market players a chance to bargain with the aim of negotiating a better deal in a transparent way”.

The installation of Wavetec’s LED information display solutions at AHCX Malawi has helped in making buying and selling of commodities transparent and reliable. Wavetec have become their technology partner with the launch and installation of LED solutions for AHCX.

Wavetec has installed a turnkey solution for AHCX Malawi supporting their track record activities with 20 plus stock, market and commodity exchanges in all over Middle East and Africa.

The LED display solutions which AHCX have selected from Wavetec’s range of LED product includes Indoor and Outdoor Walls along with ticker which helps them in disseminating information which will integrate with clients system and show immediate trend and market information instantaneously all over the country.

Wavetec’s information display solutions are supporting farmers and produce buyers with more market information and competitive prices through AHCX Malawi, transforming this platform as contemporary and high tech exchanges across the globe. With the help of Wavetec’s LED information display solution, farmers can clearly see the rates which are displayed with results in reduced financial losses.

This platform has been designed to gain mutual economic benefit between buyers and sellers, aiming to increase trade volumes. The outdoor displays in rural areas have added GSM Modem option and are backed up with an Asynchronous Control System.

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