Unity Retail and Trax Logistics Partner Up To Launch Pakistan’s First Omni Channel Fulfillment Solution

Shoaib Ahsan (CEO – Unity Retail) and Fawad Ahmed (CFO – Trax Logistics) sign the MoU while Jehan Ara looks on

Unity Retail and Trax Logistics have signed an MoU to build and offer Pakistan’s first Omni Channel Fulfillment System as a service to brands that possess both online and offline footprints. The solution will allow brands to use their retail stores as fulfillment centres and shipping orders from the closest possible solution to the customer. The benefits of such an approach is not just limited to optimization, but allows a brand to scale more effectively and efficiently.

Research studies across the world have indicated that brands are struggling to keep up with e-commerce as the demands for quicker fulfillment gets aggressive by the day. Currently, brands tend to segregate their stock for e-commerce and use a central location for warehousing. Through omni-channel fulfillment, brands can save substantial costs on separate logistics footprint by piggybacking on the retail ecosystem and leveraging that for fulfillment. It will subsequently allow brands to fulfill orders from locations that are closest to the customer, leading to greater customer satisfaction and experience. So if a customer wants to have a package delivered to Gujranwala, a brand will be able to fulfill it through a retail store in Lahore instead of shipping it from Karachi.


“In this day and age, technology can no longer be considered a support function and its adoption is critical for a sustainable competitive advantage. But the ground reality is that brands and sellers even in the E-Commerce sector have teething technological issues which hits them hard in a number of different ways, preventing the industry from scaling. We at Unity Retail retain a singular focus on empowering brands and sellers by being a trusted technology partner. With the execution of the MoU with Trax Logistics, we are taking another step towards further empowering brands with a retail footprint to leverage their retail stores as potential fulfillment centres helping them to optimize their costs as well as customer experience.” — Syed Shoaib Ahsan – (CEO) Unity Retail

“With a rich history of more than 100 years in distribution, retail and logistics, Trax is well equipped to support the exponentially growing E-Commerce market by providing best in line logistics and warehousing solutions thus achieving our vision to be seen as enablers of E-Commerce in Pakistan.”  — Hassan Khan – (CEO) Trax Logistics

Front L to R: Syed Shoaib Ahsan, Fawad Ahmed, Jehan Ara
Back L to R: Umar Ayub, Noman Aziz, Yousuf Fazal, Hassan Khan, Mohsin Ali

Unity Retail aims to build an end-to-end e-commerce platform which also enables brands for omni-commerce. In the first phase, Unity Retail has provided brands with an order processing and fulfillment system which has reduced the burden of fulfillment using different courier services which otherwise requires a lot of manual effort by multiple people ultimately exposing the business to greater risks. Unity Retail has reduced all of this to just a few clicks as it integrates seamlessly with the online store and has all major courier services available which just need to be configured with the right account credentials. One of Unity Retail’s customers from the textile industry reported productivity improvements of up to 200% as a direct result of adoption requiring 50% less HR.

Trax Online Private Limited is an e-commerce logistics solutions provider, which offers cash-on-delivery service, overland/bulk movement, warehousing and inventory management solutions, as well as Omni-channel supply chain solutions, specifically designed for e-commerce businesses.


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