UBL switches to IRIS

UBL signs for TPS’ IRIS for its complete alternate distribution and remote banking program

United Bank Limited, one of the largest banks in Pakistan with a solid track record of fifty years and over 1112 branches, has inked a deal with TPS for migrating from Phoenix switch to IRIS for its complete remote banking program.

Phoenix, driving the complete remote banking program, at UBL is one of the most complex sites managing a multitude of e-Banking services. With this deal, UBL becomes an example of the largest and one of the first sites – driving transactions of over 1.5 million debit and pre-paid card base customers in Pakistan – to migrate from Phoenix switch to IRIS.

Currently, Phoenix at UBL is sitting at the heart of transaction switching and is the hub of all e-Banking activities at UBL. The bank’s decision and trust to migrate from Phoenix to IRIS is another challenging agreement between the teams as the current architecture is a complex one with various modules connected with Phoenix.

IRIS is the next generation of transaction switch with built in end-to-end integrated delivery channel and will provide UBL with the following benefits:

  1. Dispersed architecture to a consolidated one that is designed to provide a complete framework under one simplified, consistent and easy to use interface.
  2. A consolidated infrastructure and highly configurable card management system will enable UBL to launch their upcoming services in a shorter span of time.
  3. Holistic view of customers data(360 degree view)
  4. A web based interface that can be accessible from anywhere
  5. A robust database
  6. Minimum interoperability costs, increased efficiency and enhanced productivity of all components of the e-Banking infrastructure.

To ensure excellence in its customer service, UBL is committed to continue the expansion of its alternate delivery channels and service offerings. To keep up with its dynamic service offerings, UBL has new requirements each day.

UBL wanted an architecture that will simplify the complex network of heterogeneous systems and solutions, by providing a singular interface to the hosts, shielding all the intricacies of the front-end channels and effectively isolating their complexities from back end systems.

Hence the plan to migrate is the result of a) UBL’s desire to consolidate its operations on a single platform from its complex desperate platform b) and also its requirements to launch newer services all the time quickly and effectively.

“Following an extensive review of the market, IRIS was the best choice to fulfill its requirement. The proven live site, the flexibility and the robustness of the solution, made IRIS the perfect choice for UBL,” said Dr. Khalid Aslam, UBL.

“UBL’s experience and successes with TPS goes a long way with several e-Banking initiatives taken up and successfully implemented. Based on the track record, proven successes, time to market the solutions, UBL opted for TPS once again as their technology partner to help them move ahead with their ambitious growth strategy. UBL has aggressive plans to go live with IRIS very soon and we are confident that TPS will work hand in hand with us to meet our stringent deadlines and aggressive growth plans,” said S.M.Abbas, UBL.


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