TimeTrax Maximizes HR Potential of THK Associates

P@SHA Member Efrotech Services has deployed its TimeTrax solution at THK Associates. THK Associates had several key objectives before implementing a new web-based attendance and leave management system. They evaluated many Software companies before moving forward with the TimeTrax Human Capital Management software solution. THK Associates needed a lively and comprehensive software that would streamline HR processes of attendance/workforce tracking, managing and simplifying leaves; that would be flexible and user friendly; scalable for Analytical reporting and eventually will improve corporate performance through alignment of workforce to corporate objectives.

Generic in its design, TimeTrax caters to the needs of Banks, Financial Institutions, Education, Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Distribution, Healthcare, Trading, Shipping, Logistics, Media and Communication industries with organizations ranging in size from 15 employees (or less) to 15,000 employees (and more).

With TimeTrax – The Intuitively Managed Employees’ Tracking Xoftware – THK Associates has experienced great outcomes. TimeTrax HRMS has synchronized time attendance and leave accrual balances, allowing THK Associates to realize their true HR potential and the HR Team can easily view & manage employees’ daily attendance. THK Associates is now taking full advantages of TimeTrax such as:

  • Paperless environment & Cost reduction
  • Fully automated System & less administrative burden
  • Absolute tracking of employees
  • Hassle free Leave process
  • Streamlined & unified HR processes
  • Improved planning and decision making
  • Increased internal Customer (Employee) satisfaction

Javed Iqbal, Chief Executive (THK Associates) commended TimeTrax in this way: “It is indeed a professional experience for our Company to get assistance with the TimeTrax-Human Capital Management Software to evaluate the progress of the employees. EfroTech has done a great job to create a useful software which is fully equipped and fulfills future requirements.”


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