CureMD bags the Merit Award in E-Health

When Fraz Wahlah of CureMD came outside after presenting his product to the Judges’ panel at APICTA 2010, he was trembling with excitement and he said to me “I have won the Award. The judges loved me, they loved my product. I have won.”

I smiled indulgently and said “It is not as simple as that Fraz. Your product is great and I am sure you did a wonderful job of presenting it but the judges haven’t even finished looking at the other products so they can’t really make a judgement call yet.

I have great faith in CureMD, in what they have achieved, the multi-million dollar deal they have just signed proves that people are willing to pay a vast amount for the technology they have created but I did not want Fraz to assume anything. There were some great products in his category and sometimes the difference between winning and not winning is a score difference of 0.02. That is why I tried to bring him down to earth so that he would be optimistic but not overly so.

I expressed my concern to Jawwad, Zafar, Yusuf and Badar who were the Pakistani judges at APICTA and they agreed that we needed to keep expectations real but hope for the best. I guess we needn’t have worried because Fraz and CureMD did apparently make an impression. Congratulations CureMD on a job well done. We wish you further success in the months and years ahead.


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