Special Jazz Offers for P@SHA Members

P@SHA is pleased to announce that it has signed an MoU with JAZZ Pakistan. This will enable P@SHA Members to get discounted rates from JAZZ on CIR Internet, Digital Payment Gateways, GSM Voice, Data Packages and Office 360 Solutions.

The main highlights of the MOU are:

  1. CIR Internet at the price of 3000 PKR/MBps all over Pakistan.
  2. The price will drop to 2700 PKR/MBps once the overall bandwidth crosses 500 MB mark all over pakistan by P@SHA Members.
  3. Discount of 10% on all corporate GSM Packages.
  4. 30% discount on corporate GSM packages once the GSM monthly revenue crosses 1 million ??mark by all P@SHA Members.
  5. Discounts on Jazz Cash.
  6. Offers on Office 365

Members can contact following people for their connections (for Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi):

Mr. Masoom Ahmed Abbasi                                                Waqas Waseem
Manager Business Solution                                                 Key Account Manager
BSD-North                                                                         BSD-North
0300-2010183                                                                    0301-8505154
masoom.abbasi@jazz.com.pk                                            waqas.waseem@jazz.com.pk


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