State Bank of Pakistan’s IT & ITES Export Proceeds Reporting Codes

All IT & ITES companies in Pakistan receiving foreign payments in their bank accounts must report them to the State Bank of Pakistan using the correct classification codes on Export Proceeds Realization Certificates and Form Rs. The defined IT & ITES codes appear below.



SBP Code No.



1 9102 Call Centers Receipts on account of services provided by Call Centers
2 9181 Hardware Consultancy Services Receipts on account of computer hardware consultancy services provided to non-residents
3 9182 Software Consultancy Services Receipts on account of database services provided to non-residents such as development, storage, and on-line times series. Also included are the database processing services provided to non-residents
4 9183 Maintenance and Repair of Computers Receipts on account of maintenance and repair of computers and peripheral equipment abroad to non-residents
5 9184 Export of Computer Software Receipts on account of export of computer software including design, development, and programming of customized system
6 9185 Other Computer Services Receipts on account of other computer services not specified elsewhere


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