Registrations Open: P@SHA Annual Conference 2012

Introducing the knowledge creation hub for IT gurus! 

P@SHA’s strong belief in the power of communication and interaction underlines the P@SHA Annual Conference 2012, which serves as a platform for the industry’s professionals to come together for an exchange of ideas, knowledge and learning.

Date: Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Time:  9:30 am – 2:00 pm (followed by lunch)

Venue: Crystal Ballroom, Pearl Continental, Lahore

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9:30 – 10 a.m.    Tea/Coffee & snacks

10:00 a.m.           Welcome

10:15 a.m.           Global Emerging Trends and Opportunities in IT: Panel Discussion


Khurram Zafar, CIO, Lahore Stock Exchange
Zia Imran, CEO, Vahzay

Erum Azhar, Financial Services Sector Manager, IBM Pakistan

*Salman Akhter, co-CEO, Techlogix


The World Economic Forum highlights that “Emerging technologies are critical to building a sustainable and resilient future. But without new understanding, tools and capabilities, their safe and successful development is far from guaranteed”. Through this panel discussion, P@SHA aims to bring to the forefront global emerging trends in IT and opportunities for our IT sector to embrace more cutting edge technologies. We will bring together experts from diverse fields such as animation, mobile applications, cloud computing, business applications etc. to discuss technology trends which have the potential to create meaningful impact in the global as well as Pakistani context. The discussion will also incorporate proposed ways of utilizing and adapting to emerging global trends, given the challenges of Pakistan’s socio-economic environment.


11:00 a.m.           Q & A

11:15 a.m.           National ICT Policy Challenges for Pakistan: Panel Discussion


Aamir Matin
*Asif Kabani

Afaque Ahmed, CEO, Cloud BPO
Jehan Ara, President, P@SHA


A National ICT policy must focus on ICT as a driver and an enabler for all socio-economic sectors so as to create an environment that supports innovation. The Ministry of IT&T has worked with P@SHA to develop a policy that outlines a comprehensive multi-pronged approach to strengthening and integrating ICT within the socio-economic sphere. Several stakeholder sessions have been held in different cities to draw feedback and incorporate invaluable suggestions from multistakeholder groups. However, the implementation of the policy remains a challenge for the country. This discussion will focus on the practical challenges in implementing the National ICT Policy as well as the public-private partnerships that must be developed and sustained for the policy to be meaningful and implementable.

12:00 p.m.           Q & A

12:15 p.m.           Effective Marketing Strategies for Foreign Markets: Panel Discussion


Naseer A. Akhtar, President & CEO Infotech Group
Salim Ghauri President & CEO, Netsol
Aezaz Hussain (Systems Ltd),
Sultan Hamdani, COO, Maison Consulting

Successful Pakistani-based technology companies derive as much as 80% of their profits from foreign clientele. However, for a number of companies, successfully gaining and sustaining foreign clientele is elusive as well as challenging. This panel discussion aims to discuss marketing strategies successfully employed by local IT ventures to gain foreign investment and win projects. Our panelists will share personal experiences of gaining footholds in markets such as the Far East, KSA, Africa/Ghana, the UK and USA, as well as the challenges that they faced in initially creating breakthroughs in foreign markets.

1:00 p.m.             Top 5 Mistakes that I Made As a Startup: Panel Discussion

Zafar Khan, CEO, Sofizar
M. Raza Saeed, CEO, Confiz Solutions,
Yasser Bashir, CEO, Arbisoft
Syed Ahmad, CEO, DPL


IT gurus claim that for every startup that succeeds, ten fail. But wise men also say that if you avoid every possible way of failing, you have no option but to succeed. This panel discussion will feature IT entrepreneurs with successful startups who will talk about the mistakes that they made and the lessons that they learnt. Our panelists will discuss everything from initial funding for their startup (or lack of it) to human resource, to mistakes that may have been made in foreseeing the demand for their product or the size of their potential market. We hope that this discussion will shed light on alternative solutions to fellow startups facing similar issues as well as inspire young entrepreneurs to take up the challenge of initiating their own startups.

1: 45 p.m.            Q & A


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