P@SHA Turns the Spotlight on Leading Tech Superheroes with its 13th Annual ICT Awards


Winners of P@SHA ICT Awards 2016 Announced in Karachi

(Karachi) (October 14th, 2016) – The Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT & ITES  (P@SHA) organised its 13th annual ICT Awards Ceremony during a grand gala dinner on October 14, 2016 at Movenpick Hotel Karachi. For the first time ever, the main sponsor of the event is UBL, a bank that leads the banking and financial services sector in Pakistan, and one that has come to be acknowledged as a Progressive and Innovative bank.


Bringing together local tech superheroes on a common platform, the Awards ceremony lauded innovation and excellence in the Pakistan ICT industry and recognized the efforts of outstanding achievers that have been making waves both locally and internationally. The guest list for the event included leading players from the tech industry as well as representatives from the government, the business sector, professionals, academia and students.


“The idea behind organizing the P@SHA ICT Awards 2016 every year is to celebrate homegrown Pakistani innovators” said Jehan Ara, President of P@SHA. “The Pakistan IT industry has been growing steadily over the years, and it is essential for us to tell the world that Pakistan is a country where young  innovators transform their ideas and dreams into products that have been solving business and community problems.”


Entries for the P@SHA ICT Awards were received from all over the country and judging was held in all three major cities of Pakistan to evaluate the applicants and their products. Companies and individuals were asked to pitch their products in front of a panel of esteemed industry experts who came up with the list of winners and runners up.


Chairman P@SHA Mr Naseer Akhtar, President & CEO of the Infotech Group said on this occasion that “The official export figures are deceptive because some of revenue being generated by IT professionals, consultants and freelancers is coming in as remittances. However he admitted that although the IT industry had been successful in incubating, creating and supporting the growth of companies, the sector had not succeeded in creating large scale companies employing 10,000+ people.” “This will only happen when we have more top notch universities creating a larger number of graduates in the software engineering and computer science domain,” he said.


“The goal of P@SHA is to provide software and IT service companies with a collaborative platform where they can come together as a force to network, to brainstorm and to come up with solutions collectively”


The application process for the awards kicked off in July, and companies and individuals applied in 17 product categories and 15 local categories. P@SHA ICT Awards also open doors to international exposure for local companies working on innovative ideas, as the winners from the Product categories get a chance to represent Pakistan and benchmark their products against those from 17 countries at the APICTA (Asia Pacific ICT Alliance) Awards 2016 that are being held in Taiwan in December this year.



Official hashtags for the event were #PASHAAwards16 and #PASHAICTAwards16.

Here is the complete list of Winners:


APICTA Product Categories

Best in Application Tools & Platforms


Runner Up:

Company: Avanza Solutions

Product: Novus Xcite

Website: www.avanzasolutions.com


Runner Up:

Company: Ovex Technologies Limited

Product: dinManage

Website: www.ovex.com.pk



Company: Elixir Technologies

Product: Tango+

Website: www.elixir.com


Best in Communications

Runner Up:

Company: LMKT (Pvt) Ltd

Product: V-Connect

Website: www.lmkt.com



Company: Pakistan Data Management Services

Product: Easy Urdu Keyboard

Website: http://www.pakdata.com


Best in E-Learning


Company: Simobo

Product: Touch Reading

Website: www.simobo.com


Best in Service Innovation


Company: Telenor Pakistan

Product: Khushal Zamindar Service

Website: www.telenor.com.pk


Best in Financial Industry Application

Runner Up:

Company: UBL Fund Managers

Product: imPro

Website: http://www.ublfunds.com


Runner Up:

Company: AutoSoft Dynamics (Pvt.) Limited

Product: AutoMWallet

Website: www.autosoftdynamics.com



Company: Infotech (Pvt.) Limited

Product: Marlin

Website: www.infotechgroup.com


Best in Government & Public Sector


Company: RAR MultiBiz Services (Pvt.) Ltd

Product: Monitoring, Evaluation and Staff Mobilization

Website: www.multibizservices.com


Best in Health and Well Being


Company: Teresol Pvt. Ltd

Product: i-MPLOYEE

Website: www.teresol.com


Best in Inclusion and Community

Runner Up:

Company: Paimona

Product: Paimona

Website: www.paimona.co


Runner Up:

Company: Transparent Hands

Product: Transparent Hands

Website: www.transparenthands.org



Company: WonderTree

Product: WonderTree

Website: www.wondertree.co


Best in Industry Application


Company: Code Informatics

Product: Scarta

Website: www.codeinformatics.com


Best in Media & Entertainment Technologies


Company: Morango Films

Product: Minute Story

Website: www.morangofilms.com


Best in Research & Development

Runner Up:

Company: DATALOG

Product: Datalogger

Website: www.datalog.pk



Company: NUST College of EME, Collaborating Units: CASE, AFIO, Biomisa

Product: Analysis of Optical Coherence Tomography Image for CDSS

Website: www.ceme.nust.edu.pk, www.biomisa.org


Best in Retail and Supply Chain Management

Runner Up:

Company: Simobo

Product: Howmuch.pk

Website: www.simobo.com


Runner Up:

Company: Abacus Consulting

Product: Antlere

Website: www.abacus-global.com



Company: Bramerz Private Limited

Product: Fishry

Website: www.bramerz.pk


Best in Security Application

Runner Up:

Company: LMKT (Pvt) Ltd

Product: V-Secur®

Website: www.lmkt.com



Company: Trillium Information Security Systems in research collaboration with the ASERG Lab at COMSATS Islamabad

Product: T-Eye Platform

Website: www.infosecurity.com.pk


Best in Tourism & Hospitality


Company: FetchSky

Product: PeekaBoo Guru

Website: www.fetchsky.com


Best Startup

Runner Up:

Company: Sukoon.com.pk

Product: Sukoon Online Services

Website: www.sukoon.com.pk


Runner Up:

Company: Wukla

Product: Wukla

Website: www.wukla.com



Company: Sheops

Product: Sheops

Website: www.sheops.com


Best Tertiary Student Project

Runner Up:

Institute: NUST College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

Product: Clinical Decision Support System for Diagnosis of Movement Disorders

Website: www.ceme.nust.edu.pk


Runner Up:

Institute: NUST College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

Product: Intelligent Video Based Solution for Retailers’ Resource Management

Website: www.ceme.nust.edu.pk



Institute: National University of Science & Technology (NUST)

Product: Sionser

Website: www.nust.edu.pk


Best School Project

Runner Up:

Institute: Aitchison College

Product: Billion Book Exchange

Nazar Dean Khan



Institute: Cedar College

Product: FAQ Chatbot

Amin Farid


Innovation in Fintech (Special Category Sponsored by UBL)


Company: Blockchain Tech

Product: Urdubit

Website: www.urdubit.com


Local Categories


Best in Mobile Application


Company: WeRPlay

Product: Run Sheeda Run

Website: www.werplay.com


Best in Animation


Company: Ice Animations

Product: Mansour / Cartoon Network

Website: www.iceanimations.com


Best in Export Growth


Company: NetSol Technologies

Website: www.netsoltech.com

Best in Project Management


Runner Up:

Company: TPS Pvt. Ltd.

Product: Mobilink Bank Payment Switch Swap

Website: www.tpsonline.com


Company: Systems Limited

Website: www.systemsltd.com


Best in BPO


Company: Sybrid Pvt. Ltd.

Website: www.sybrid.com


Best in Managed Services


Company: Arbisoft

Website: www.arbisoft.com


Best in Gender Diversity


Company: WeRPlay

Website: www.werplay.com


Best in Brand Development


Company: Invest2Innovate

Website: www.invest2innovate.com


Best in HR Excellence


Company: Systems Limited

Website: www.systemsltd.com


Best in Social Media (Non IT Company)


Company: Strategic Alliancez

Website: www.strategicalliancez.com


Best in Social Media (IT Company)


Company: WeRPlay

Website: www.werplay.com


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