P@SHA Startup Workshop with Jawwad Farid – Final Session


Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT and ITES (P@SHA) organized a Startup Workshop with distinguished serial entrepreneur, author, coach, trainer, actuary and computer scientist Jawwad Farid at Karachi School of Business & Leadership (KSBL).

The entrepreneurial crash course was split over two consecutive Saturdays, March 29 and April 5 with a comprehensive learning plan on how to start and run a business. The workshop was ideal for young entrepreneurs and focused on the effort required to take an idea from conception to commercial reality.

P@SHA Startup Workshop

In the first session Farid shed light on the startup process, failures, profiles, pitches, customer psyche and consumer needs in an exciting, engaging manner. While in the final session, the coach talked about creating a viable and sustainable business, analyzing the idea and assessing its investment potential, mapping the interaction between product development, strategy and pitching ideas along with some interesting product development exercises, creating viable executive summary and pitching guidelines.

Some of the key highlights of the startup workshop final session were learning the three step sale process and how to earn the customer’s trust. Jawwad Farid engaged the audience by sharing relevant video clips as examples from movies such as Margin Call and the Negotiator, which the participants enjoyed thoroughly.

P@SHA Startup Workshop

Farid also talked about the Do’s and Don’t’s of the Startup Mode in great detail. He mentioned that the competitive pressure embarking the eco-system is driving the cost of coding down in dollar terms evidently.

An important part of the final session was dedicated to specialization as Jawwad Farid aptly said, “Even if you prefer services to products, you should specialize in a particular niche, because specialization is the key.”

Speaking to an interactive audience, Farid said, “Create your perfect product in iterations and get your customer to pay for it – don’t pay for it yourself.”

In the latter half of the day, sample pitches were conducted where Jawwad Farid guided the participants on ways of improving their pitch and presentation style.

P@SHA is extremely grateful to KSBL for providing such beautiful facilities for the two week workshop and to all the participants who attended the entrepreneurial crash course. We look forward to bringing similar workshops in the future as well.


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