P@SHA Speaker Series: A Talk by Zayd Enam

Zayd Enam

Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT & ITES (P@SHA) organized a speaker session, “A Talk by Zayd Enam” in collaboration with DotZero recently.

It was a good learning session where Zayd Enam shared his personal experience of getting enrolled into a top tier PhD program in USA while Mr. Jawwad Farid (CEO, Alchemy Technologies and P@SHA CEC Member) moderated the session with his hard hitting questions and comments.

Zayd Enam – a former Asia Pacific ICT Award (APICTA) winner studied Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (EECS) at UC Berkeley. He has served as a researcher at Redwood Center for Theoretical Neuroscience. Recently, he went through a tedious admission process for a PhD program and received offers from Berkeley, MIT and Stanford.

Primarily interested in neuroscience, math and startups, Zayd gave insights into how he successfully got enrolled in one of the best PhD programs in the world and what he plans to achieve in the future. He emphasized on the fact that tech entrepreneurs can facilitate their ideas and startups through a top notch PhD degree.

“Three things necessary to get into the top 5 PhD programs in the US are a high CGPA, credible publications and recommendation letters.” said Zayd Enam. He focused on the point that publications can help make up for the CGPA and lack of recommendation letters.

During the two hour speaker session, Zayd named some of the best PhD programs being offered currently in the US. He enlightened the audience on the fact that universities are essentially looking at how you can contribute towards taking the field forward as an individual.

While answering a question between choosing a job or having your own startup, Zayd commented, “For people who want to start their own business, nobody is stopping you. You are the one to decide.” He further added, “Why can’t we be the Idea People? I don’t see any reason why Pakistanis cannot be the best idea generators.”

When asked why opt for a PhD when you can learn things online, Zayd supported his stance by saying,  “A course will teach you what people have already done, but if you want to move things forward, you must work with a smart group of passionate, like-minded people and a PhD program helps in such productive networking.”

In conclusion Jawwad Farid said, “We need to broaden our horizons. What has value is finding a focused group of smart people.” He further added, “We must acknowledge that every platform has a system and for research, the way is to write and publish.”

P@SHA is extremely grateful to the very talented Zayd Enam for imparting his knowledge with the participants through this useful talk and a special thanks goes out to Mr. Jawwad Farid for taking out the time to conduct the session in an exciting manner.

Speaker Session with Zayd Enam is also available on the P@SHA Vimeo Channel here.


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