P@SHA IT Salary Survey 2017 is now available

The P@SHA IT Salary Survey 2017 is now available and all participating members have been provided with a complimentary copy. The 2017 edition identifies average salary nationally and city wise along with average increments, promotions and benefits for 28 job roles within the IT Industry. Each role has been subdivided into experience levels to present findings for 98 distinct job levels, and this year the survey features data from a total of 31,801 employees working in 130 participating companies. 44% companies and 13,984 (44%) employees are from Karachi, 26% companies and 13,149 (41%) employees are from Lahore and 27% companies and 4,397 (14%) employees were from Islamabad. 4 companies from Peshawar and Faisalabad also participated in the survey this year.

The survey reveals there has been an overall increment of 16.37% in salaries across all job functions when compared to 2016. The highest increase in salary this year has been witnessed in Entry Level Game Designer role with a growth of 38.52%. On the other hand, the position of a Senior BPO Professional witnessed the smallest increase of 3.31% in salary.

Pricing for the 2017 Report is as follows

Participating P@SHA Members : Free
Participating Non P@SHA Members : Rs. 10,000/-
Non Participating P@SHA Members : Rs. 20,000/-
Non Participating Non P@SHA Members : Rs. 40,000/- or USD 400


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