P@SHA IT Salary Survey 2016 is now Available

salary survey cover

The P@SHA IT Salary Survey 2016 is now available and all participating members have been provided with a complimentary copy. The survey studies the average salaries, growth, promotions and benefits for the IT & ITES sector employees in Pakistan and is part of P@SHA’s annual research program.

The IT & ITES Industry of Pakistan provides direct employment to around 120 thousand people and relies on this human resource to maintain its high growth. Companies want the best talent working for them and take measures to retain their star performers. Fair compensation and benefits rank highly for any employee who wishes to work for, and continue to grow in this industry. The rapidly evolving nature of  the tech sector influences job requirements & skill set, making an annual IT Salary Survey a necessary tool for companies wishing to hire and retain the best.

The P@SHA IT Salary Survey 2016 is the sixth survey conducted by P@SHA for the IT Industry. This survey includes findings from 132 companies 32,744 employees working in 28 job roles and 98 unique levels both in core IT and business roles. If you wish to purchase a copy please contact the Secretariat staff. The purchase price for the P@SHA IT Salary Survey 2016 is as follows

Participating P@SHA Members : Free
Participating Non P@SHA Members : Rs. 10,000/-
Non Participating P@SHA Members : Rs. 15,000/-
Non Participating Non P@SHA Members : Rs. 30,000/- or USD 300


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