Primatics Financial launches Customer Success Organization

Primatics Financial

Primatics Financial, the leader in integrated loan accounting and portfolio management solutions, announced the launch of its Customer Success Organization, which is aimed at providing maximum value to our customers through long-term partnerships recently. With the introduction of this organization, Primatics will focus on product education, leveraging best practices, customer feedback and putting forth strategic initiatives to help its customers achieve greater success.

“As an organization, we know that our customers’ success is directly tied to our success,” said Brandy Carlson, newly appointed Vice President of Customer Success at Primatics. “Whether it’s through a dialogue of how to best leverage Primatics’ capabilities to improve the management of their business, facilitating knowledge sharing and collaboration among our customer base or participating in the product development process, the Customer Success Organization seeks to broaden and deepen our relationship with our customer base to drive long-term success for all.”

In conjunction with other key stakeholders, the newly formed Customer Success Organization will be responsible for developing various strategies and tools to enhance the customer experience. Current plans include the development of user communities to encourage feedback and knowledge sharing as well as communication channels to continuously educate our customers on the functionality available to them and ways to best use Evolv to increase the value of their business.

“We have made concerted efforts over the years to improve our customers’ experience, and the formal launch of our Customer Success Organization is our next step to build upon a customer-centric culture,” said Kevin Hesselbirg, CEO at Primatics. “We look forward to leveraging this group to walk alongside our customers with the singular objective of contributing to their long-term success.”


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