Open-Silicon celebrates its 10 Year Anniversary

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Open-Silicon, Inc., a leading semiconductor solutions company celebrated its 10th year in business in May 2013.  Open-Silicon, has established itself as a leader in ASIC and continues to push the boundaries on ASIC design by focusing on on-time delivery, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Open-Silicon currently boasts more than 350 employees and extends its reach across the globe via strategically important satellite offices and representatives. Open-Silicon highly values its regional presence in Taiwan, Israel, Japan, Europe and the United states and regards every customer with the highest level of importance and significance.  It is such zealous dedication to customer satisfaction that has earned Open-Silicon its reputation.

“A decade ago we set out to build a business that made semiconductor services accessible to all, here in the US and everywhere else in the world.  Ten years is an important milestone for us because it validates that our initial goal was a noble and desirable one in this industry,” said Dr. Naveed Sherwani, President and CEO of Open-Silicon.

Open-Silicon has completed over 300 designs in the past ten years.  “Open-Silicon is proud to have shipped more than 78 million chips with a 0.0003% return-rate.  This demonstrates a supreme level of product quality and reliability, which would be extremely difficult to match by any other semiconductor company,” said Dr. Sherwani.

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