Off-Road Studios develops BeepsHealth


Off-Road Studios recently developed, BeepsHealth a web portal that acts as a health tracking system, which has a variety of features to offer to the healthcare sector. It’s an online portal built to assist the user in keeping himself and his entire family healthy.

BeepsHealth allows the user to enter and keep track of medications, weight, food consumption, blood pressure and then view the changes overtime using interactive charts. BeepsHealth does all the memorizing, while the users enter their data to retrieve it whenever they want to.

Key features of BeepsHealth are:

  • Track past surgeries using a 3D interactive body chart
  • Enter in blood pressure, weight, height, and more and view the changes over time using interactive charts
  • Find doctors and enter both upcoming and past appointments
  • Upload tests and files and retrieve them anytime
  • Enter medications and medication history
  • Use the Food Tracker to help keep your nutritional goals

The most notable feature is the interactive 3d body chart, which allows the user to track past surgeries. The food tracker helps the user in tracking and setting nutritional goals.

BeepsHealth is a network for doctors and patients where the user can connect and book appointments with doctors no matter where they are. It provides centralized data that a user updates regularly which allows doctors and patients to share information under one program.  A highly interactive web and user-friendly health portal to benefit both doctors and patients that provides a two-way communication and acts as an information-sharing hub.

BeepsHealth is also integrated into an iOS and android application for easy access.

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