NetSol celebrates 15 years of success

Amidst much fanfare to celebrate NetSol’s 15th Anniversary on 7th January 2011, Salim Ghauri, CEO and Chairman – NetSol Technologies, Ltd and President – NetSol Technologies, Inc , took the audience through NetSol’s journey as an organization; from its inception to where it stands today, ending with high hopes for the future. A very engaging and passionate Salim Ghauri also used the opportunity to acknowledge and speak to the people behind NetSol; from the first employee Shahid Mukhtar, Vice President – Admin , to Wasim Saleh, Manager – Graphics , who created NetSol’s first logo, to Furqan Khan, Vice President – Quality Engineering , who has led NetSol’s quality team to such great heights.

Highlighted were NetSol’s achievements and awards, from APICTA’s best financial application (which was preceded by their winning the P@SHA ICT Awards) to the most recent achievement of ISO 20000. Also appreciated were the people behind these achievements.

Sajjad Kirmani, Executive Vice President IT/Operations , who won Teradata’s CIO of the Year (2010) award, spoke about his experience with NetSol over the past decade and half. Irfan Mustafa, who served on NetSol’s first Board of Directors , also spoke of his high hopes for the future of the company and had a Hall in NetSol’s IT Village named after him the same day.

Naeem Ghauri, Director and President, NetSol Technologies Europe, Ltd, and Head of Global Sales NetSol Technologies, Inc , took the stage to speak about the beginnings of the company and the highly successful joint venture Extended Innovation.

Najeeb Ghauri, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of NetSol , wrapped up the evening by detailing NetSol’s milestone NASDAQ listing.

This was followed by presentation of Long Service Awards for those NetSolians who have been with the company for 10 years and above.

Toward the end of his talk, Salim Ghauri said: “NetSol as an organization, and its people as one team, have the responsibility to succeed; because we have the necessary base for further development. If we do not take our business further in the next crucial 5 years, we will have failed Pakistan.”


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