NASA Chooses Equipment Management Tool Developed by Lahore Based 7Vals

If a NASA flight operation were to go awry, an equipment management tool developed out of Lahore will be one of the first lines of defense. With a huge array of equipment spread out over multiple projects, efficiently tracking down emergency equipment becomes a top priority and NASA has chosen to rely on a tool engineered by 7Vals. The application combines cloud computing, equipment tracking precision and ease of use into a seamless whole.


Other than NASA, 3M is keeping on top of thousands of pieces of equipment in a fast paced environment. Amazon is managing tools spread across a diverse global team. Capacity-building features enable broadcasters like NBC Universal and CNN to engage in distributed shoots all over the world. Autodesk and Nokia have been able to organize their mega-events with unmatched efficiency. What’s common to all of them is that they share the  same cloud computing solution, engineered by 7Vals to achieve these aggressive goals.


The primary focus of the equipment management solution is to increase business efficiency. While equipment-focused data has traditionally been managed through ERPs and other conventional software, the limitations of these tools have always been apparent. As employees could only update information once they returned to their desks, the data generated would be far less reliable; information was often forgotten, overlooked, or just not entered in time.

For businesses to be successful, they need to have robust equipment management so that time is not wasted chasing equipment but rather spent achieving their business goals.

7Vals is a provider of engineering and product management expertise that generates business-centric cloud solutions. 7Vals engineered solutions are currently deployed in over 15% of the Fortune 500s to improve efficiency in equipment utilization. This is done by providing cutting-edge technology for information management and presenting actionable insights to the businesses.


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