Multinet Cloud Access™ Platform selected by Food Panda for Maximum Uptime

Multinet Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited’s Cloud Access Platform has been selected by  FoodPanda for improving its customer service. Multinet identified various areas of improvement in FoodPanda’s existing system and infrastructure design. To ensure consistent infrastructure uptime, Multinet first ensured high availability by securing their call center premises on redundant Optical fiber routes for 99.9% connectivity uptime. Multinet then proposed a cloud transformation for zero downtime for all of their infrastructure components

Today, FoodPanda is served over a hosted PABX solution that is being run and managed over Multinet Access – a next generation cloud solution that provides peak uptime and helps upscale resources during peak business hours, special campaigns and events.

FoodPanda’s experience of their service commitment has reached new levels, and they are able to focus on their core services, whilst Multinet continues to support them with the IT operational activities.

Asad Khan, a Cloud Specialist and Product Lead at Multinet, has been witnessing the increase in demand over the period across all the market verticals and is planning to expand its infrastructure to serve the exponential forecasted growth.

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