Mobile callers can now receive free legal advice

ZRG’s all-in-one call center platform for the Legal Aid Society combines expert domain knowledge with the latest technology.

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ZRG, a company that is recognized as a pioneer in the region in the field of Contact Center, Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and Self-Service Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technologies, has been at the forefront of call center technology since 1994.

Through its Call center, all mobile and landline callers from anywhere can receive free advice on legal matters and citizen rights from credible and authentic legal professionals. This service can be reached by mobile and land line callers by dialing 0800-70806 within Pakistan or +9221 3580-9349 from anywhere in the world.

The call center is equipped with Dialogic technology platform with OneView business application suite that is provided and supported by ZRG. All the required features needed by the Call center are available under a single unified platform, so the call center business users and IT teams do not have to deal with multiple platforms or coordinate with multiple providers for a single solution.

Supported by Enhanced Democratic Accountability and Civic Engagement (EDACE) initiative, the purpose of this advisory service is to empower the masses by enhancing the level of awareness of fundamental rights, enforcement mechanisms and remedial measures available under the law. The Center is working towards the goal of making justice available for everyone. In other words, “insaf sub ka haq” or Justice for All.

This first-of-its-kind call center is equipped with a state of the art all-in-one call center platform deployed by ZRG. Built on the latest communication technology called Dialogic Power Media, the OneView software by ZRG provides feature-rich software applications required to successfully manage the contact center operation with innovative apps for inbound and outbound calling, call representatives, supervisors, floor head and IT system managers.

“Our project for the contact center of Legal Aid Society is very exciting because of the cause behind this first of its kind legal advisory facility in the region. We have combined the very best of expert domain knowledge with the latest technology,” said Ms Nazish Kanwal of ZRG. “We have integrated the expert legal advice, skills of a dedicated team, innovative communication technology, a custom software suite and contact center best practices all into a turnkey platform to support the advisory center operations”, she added.

“There are so many incidents where women and minorities get falsely implicated and languish in prisons for years. In a lot of such cases, there are minor children that have to spend their lives in the jail to be with their mothers as they have nowhere to turn to. It does not have to be this way, and we are going to try our level best to change that”, says Ayub Butt, CEO of ZRG. “We believe that with the availability of accurate and credible legal advice free of charge through the Legal Aid Advisory Contact Center, many unjust situations can be tackled and the suffering of the innocent can be alleviated or reduced.”

During the last 15 years, leading brand organizations in the region have experienced satisfactory and successful results with ZRG Dialogic solution platform and found the technology to be extremely durable.



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