Mixit Inc rings closing bell at NYSE

Mixit Inc ring the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange at 4 pm EST on June 15, 2011. In this video you can see Yusuf Jan and Walter Fitzgerald, co-founders of Mixit with other executives. MIXIT, Inc. visited the NYSE in celebration of their participation in the NYSE Euronext Power Partners Program. MIXIT, Inc. has met the qualifying criteria to be designated a Portal 3 participant, the highest level classification. The Power Partners Program aims to develop and strengthen the relationship between NYSE Euronext, data vendors and the OMS/EMS community for the benefit of mutual customers. In honor of the occasion, Walter V. Fitzgerald, President and CEO of MIXIT Inc. rung The Closing BellSM while Yusuf and other co-founders look on with pride. Mixit Inc rings closing bell at NYSE


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