Mindstorm Studios develops official game for ICC’s Cricket World Cup 2011

LAHORE, PAKISTAN, 10th February 2011 – Mindstorm Studios, a Pakistani games development company, announced today that it has successfully developed the “Official Game” for the ICC 2011 Cricket World Cup, an event followed religiously by over a billion fans around the globe.

This is an unprecedented move in Pakistan’s software industry by a self-funded startup; Mindstorm have managed to indigenously design, develop, and deliver an officially licensed title over all leading global game development companies.

“We are extremely excited about creating the official title for ICC’s Cricket World Cup 2011” said Babar Ahmed, CEO Mindstorm Studios. “Cricket has long been a subject closely linked to our organization and we are thrilled to take it to the next level and be a source of pride for our nation on the digital front.”

The game, “Cricket Power” (www.cricketpower.com), is the most advanced 3D browser cricket game developed to date. It features all 14 official teams along with official players, stadiums and kits, and is played directly in the browser. The game is powered by a superior cricket engine at its core, coupled with a pick-up-and-play interface to appeal to casual and core gamers alike.

This is the second time the company has made waves in the Pakistani gaming industry. With its previous hit title ‘Cricket Revolution’, Mindstorm Studios has raised the bar in Pakistan’s game development industry with the launch of Cricket Power.

The game is being published by Karkadann Games, an Abu Dhabi Media Company subsidiary, and is currently available at www.cricketpower.com .


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