Live Cam Tracker Glassware launches on Glass


Herndon, VA December 1st, 2014–10Pearls is proud to announce the launch of Live Cam Tracker for Glass, a real-time video camera Glassware on GLASS that allows you to keep track of the events that are most important to you.

Live Cam Tracker seeks to make the experience of Glass captivating for users by letting them be at different places at the same time – attend a conference while monitoring an important event, such as keeping a close eye on your property or loved one.

“Live Cam Tracker has the potential to set an innovative trend in the arena of development of glassware on Glass, and we are proud to be one of the pioneers in doing so.” commented Zeeshan Aftab, Managing Director, 10Pearls. “Through Live Cam Tracker you can stay secure, connected and informed at all times.”

The Live Cam Tracker features include:

  • Exploration of real-time video feeds on the go
  • Freedom to add & set up your own customized cameras
  • Ability to support all cameras with public video feed links
  • Supports addition of IP cameras with security
  • Easy Swipe between cameras for live feeds

Being one of a kind in all available glassware in the market all over the world, Live Cam Tracker was also one of the first few glassware to be sent for official review to the Google Glass Review Team. Moreover, with this launch, it is now the only 103rd glassware to be approved and published on MyGlass (Google’s official Glassware store).

For more information on Live Cam Tracker, please visit: and sign in with your Google account.


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