Job Opportunity – Secretary General



P@SHA is the only association representing the IT and ITeS community of Pakistan. It is licensed by the Ministry of Commerce and registered as a trade association under Section 42 of the Companies Ordinance Pakistan.

To achieve its aim of using the power of technology to strengthen the top industry sectors in the country contributing to the growth of the economy and to help create a business friendly environment for the companies to prosper, P@SHA seeks to hire Secretary General which is a full-time permanent position. The role is a senior level position reporting to the Chairman & Central Executive Committee of P@SHA and is aimed to provide strategic leadership in managing the organisation and in achieving strategic industry objectives.

Role Overview

A business professional with proven track record of successfully running affairs of a multi-stakeholder organization in an executive capacity. Besides running the secretariat profitably, he/she shall be closely connected with the member companies and the P@SHA CEC to identify the industry challenges and develop and execute strategies geared to create a business friendly environment. The role requires constant engagement with all stakeholders including federal and provincial governments, regulators, academia and media; presenting achievements, opportunities and challenges faced by the industry.

The desired person must have an entrepreneurial attitude with a very strong understanding of the IT & ITES industry. He/she must possess a pragmatic, hands-on and can-do approach. Ideally coupled with a post graduate degree, demonstrated experience of leading a team and successful execution at high level position/s.

The role requires frequent and often unscheduled traveling within the country with majority of work being in Islamabad.



Leadership – provide leadership for the operations of the Association, in setting the principles, values, and strategic plan for the year. Support the growth of the Association in a profitable, sustainable and socially responsible manner.

Strategic Planning – work with the Chairman & Central Executive Committee to develop a strategic plan for the Member Services Program to maximize membership value. Ensure the effective implementation of the strategic plan and identify in a timely manner any deviations from the strategic plan.

Business Management – provide general direction and management of the day-to-day affairs of the Association. Support the development of an annual business plan including deployment plans, operational requirements, organizational structure, staffing and budgets that support the strategic plan. Support the implementation of the annual business plan and direct and monitor the activities and resources of the Association, consistent with the strategic direction, financial limits and operating objectives as set by the Chairman & Central Executive Committee.

Organizational Effectiveness – develop a strong and effective Operational Plan with suitably qualified personnel for execution and meeting targets. Ensure that the organisation has an effective senior management team below the level of the Secretary General and that there exists an effective plan of succession and development from this senior leadership team.

External Relationship Management – support the Chairman & Central Executive Committee in fostering good rapport with all stakeholders, members, media, government and the general public. Where necessary, support the communication of the organisation’s vision, principles, values, strategy and business plan to external stakeholders.

Ethics and Integrity – provide assistance to Chairman & Central Executive Committee in support of the organisation’s commitment in creating a culture of ethical conduct and integrity. Foster ethical and responsible decision making by the association and set the ethical tone, including overseeing the administration and implementation of, and compliance with, the organisation’s policies and procedures; take all reasonable steps to ensure integrity of the member funds utilisation.

Governance – communicate regularly with the Chairman & Central Executive Committee on material matters affecting the organization. Communicate with the team to ensure that their responsibilities are being fully complied with and that all employees are being provided with information necessary to fulfil their responsibilities and statutory obligations.

Risk Management – provide the Chairman & Central Executive Committee assurance that the proper systems across the Association are in place, to identify and manage business risks and that such risks are acceptable to the organisation and are within the guidelines established by the association. Support the Chairman & Central Executive Committee to ensure the accuracy, completeness, integrity and appropriate disclosure of financial reporting/statements and other financial information through appropriate policies and procedures. Ensure appropriate policies and procedures of the operations are developed, maintained and disclosed where required to the members, Chairman & Central Executive Committee and external auditors.

Personnel Performance and Remuneration – Work with the Chairman & Central Executive Committee to participate in developing annual targets consisting of personal & corporate goals and objectives aligned with the organisation’s visions, principles, values, strategic & annual business plan. Develop indicators to measure staff performance, and present them for review and approval. Ensure an annual evaluation of the Team.

Skills & Education

A socially active person who comes from the corporate sector with direct experience of working in a multi-stakeholder ecosystem having ability to connect with all levels of the Government and Corporate Customers.

  • 8+ years of experience at Senior Management level, ideally within Pakistan and in a services organization or a trade body. Experience of reporting to BoD is a plus.
  • Experience in devising and executing business strategies directed to achieve short-term and long-term goals.
  • Proven track record of running affairs of a profitable and socially responsible organization.
  • Practical Knowledge of Business, Finance, HR and ideally with higher management training.
  • Experience in customer services, managing marketing campaigns and PR events.
  • Knowledge of Pakistan IT sector and experience in dealing with Government institutions will be a plus.
  • Strong working knowledge of Compliance, Taxation, Corporate Law and Business Requirements & Challenges in Pakistan.

Employment type : Full-time

Location: Preferably Islamabad but Lahore/Peshawar candidates are also encouraged to apply. In either case, the role requires frequent and unscheduled domestic traveling specially between Islamabad & Lahore. Frequent traveling to Karachi will also be required.

Note: This JD is for guidance purposes and HR committee has the discretion to consider resumes that do not fully comply with the requirements.

To apply, please send resumes at before 15th July 2017.


P@SHA’s video on Youtube Account of PASHA PK