ICB selects Avanza’s ATM Controller for seamless ADC Operations

International Commercial Bank (ICB). South Sudan (a newly formed state and a member of UN), aims to launch an effective, reliable, scalable and robust ATM Controller to support their future business plans.

ICB evaluated Nimbus Avanza Solutions’ ATM Controller, and found it to be the right product for the bank’s ADC initiatives; Nimbus will also be integrated with the bank’s core banking solution.

Avanza Solutions will centralize ICB’s ATM management by implementing its ATM switch, comprising of Nimbus (ATM Controller). Rendezvous (Financial Middleware), ad Vision (Card production, monitoring, and reporting tool).

This would control the functionalities and features provided on the ATM devices, monitor and report the status of ATM devices, and provide a comprehensive command center dashboard for ATM controlling.

The solution will meet the requirements of ICB and will help them manage their operations in a cost-effective and efficient manner.


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