Groopic: a reflection of the innovative Pakistan startup scene

groopicThe latest talk in the Startup scene in the ICT sector of Pakistan is an interesting app called Groopic developed by a talented team from Lahore. Not only is the app getting lots of attention locally it is being recognized globally as well for being unique in its offering.

Groopic merges two photos to create one cohesive picture extremely quickly and so it enables you to take group pictures that also include the photographer snapping the photo. What people are loving about the app is that the photographer can now be a part of all memorable group photos too, thanks to Groopic.

It started off as an idea that was researched and developed at LUMS, Lahore by a team of five who are now a part of Eyedeus Labs. Groopic is designed by Eyedeus Labs, which uses patent-pending computer vision technology. With over 30 years of combined R&D experience in innovating imaging solutions, Eyedeus Labs develops computational photography solutions for smartphones.

Launched first on iPhone, Groopic is the company’s first product. The app is targeted at those aged 18 to 34 and basically all those who are addicted to taking photos through their smartphones. The team did the soft launch of Groopic on the app store in 16 economies and got some brilliant feedback to improve their app further.

Already they have achieved quite a lot of success and recognition in such a short span of time – from winning the Best Start-up Award at the Start-up Weekend Lahore to being incubated by Plan9 – Pakistan’s first tech incubator. P@SHA identified this emerging startup from our ICT sector and brought it to the attention of Blackbox Connect – a Silicon Valley immersion program sponsored by Google.

Groopic was accepted to be a part of this summer’s Blackbox Connect program in July, 2013. The two-week Blackbox Connect program is being held in Silicon Valley for international startups and will provide them the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs from around the world.

Ali Rehan, CEO of Eyedeus Labs and Aamer Zaheer – President Innovation, Eyedeus Labs are all set to reach new heights of success with a clear vision, a positive approach and a cool app. As Aamer Zaheer mentioned while applying for the Blackbox Connect program regarding Groopic, “These technologies can reshape the future of how people interact with smartphones and cameras.”

Recently, Groopic was featured by Tech Crunch, Gizmodo and Cult of Mac to name a few.

Tech Crunch stated: ‘The company is focused on creating a new genre of camera-based applications that use computer vision, Rehan tells us, “Using our computer vision technology, we aim to bridge the gap between vision research and industry and, in turn, reshape how people interact with smartphones and cameras,” he says.’

Cult of Mac talked about Groopic in its own vivacious style, “It’s ingenious, and easy enough to use that any of your moronic friends can work it.”

While Gizmodo went on to mention, ‘And though you do have to position yourself somewhat specifically for the app to work, it’s worth it for a group shot that isn’t cut in half by someone’s arm holding the camera.’

Groopic also became the app of the day on Gizmodo recently. The app is available now for just $2.

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