Game-Changers in Pakistan Produce Amazing Results as 35 Students Are Hired by Maison Consulting, a Microsoft Dynamics Partner

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The University of Management and Technology (UMT), in Pakistan, is a game-changer in implementing technology within the classroom to shape bright, successful leaders of tomorrow. The success of the current students and recent graduates of UMT can be fundamentally linked to their hands-on experience of Microsoft Dynamics products in the classroom. UMT is changing the game by shifting most of the classroom learning to real-life experiences and opportunities.

Mr. Shah, Chairman of the the Department of Information Systems, bridges the gap between students and business professionals by working in coordination with Microsoft local partners, both in seminars and small group sessions, where the business professionals share their experiences, industry trends, and key insights with the students. Specifically, he invites guests and motivational speakers to share their journeys and success stories. Mr. Shah stated, “Discussions with specialized industry leaders and experts helps students to gain insight with the working world.” One such guest, Maison Consulting and Solutions, a Gold Certified Partner of Microsoft Dynamics in Pakistan, made a lasting impact on the students at UMT.

The rate of students hired out of the University of Management and Technology makes it one of the most successful Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance programs worldwide.  Mr. Shah shared that 35 Bachelor of Business and Information System (BBIS) undergraduate students at UMT landed jobs with a Microsoft partner right after they graduated.The 35 recent graduates started in an intern program for three months before moving on to permanent positions with the company.  Now as Junior Functional Consultants at Maison,the recent graduates are putting their knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics AX to the test. In addition, many others recent graduates are already working with other companies because of their sound knowledge about Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) products.

In addition, the students work together to create a “Demo Company” and execute all the processes needed to run the company transactions by using these real-life scenarios. Furthermore, Mr. Shah mentioned that the final project of the course, based on ERP solutions, will play a vital role in the skill development of students and would better equip them to engage with the industry.

There is also a major focus on specialization within the University of Management and Technology. At UMT, both graduate and undergraduate students are encouraged to complete an additional specialized course related to Microsoft Dynamics.The specialized courses currently offered at UMT include Enterprise Resource Planning, Financial Information Systems, Human Resource Management, Customer Relationship Management, and Supply-Chain Management. Mr. Shah advises his students to take a seedling of curiosity within Enterprise Resource Planning and feed it with hard work and knowledge to let that curiosity grow into a specialized passion.

As the Pakistani business industry is constantly evolving, there is a gap for specialized field experts; therefore, as Mr. Shah expressed, theoretical knowledge mixed with practical experience in specialized areas will not only improve the futures of students, but will also contribute significantly in the business growth of companies that hire them.

Besides engaging in activities in specialized areas, Mr. Shah believes that students should enhance their skills by making a constant effort to improve professionalism, as well as participating in certificate programs, such as the Microsoft Dynamics Student Certificate Program (MDSCP).The MDSCP provides measureable requirements, supports the use of Microsoft Dynamics products in educational institution curricula, and provides students with additional opportunities to use real-world solutions across multiple courses.

Maison Consulting and Solutions, a Microsoft Inner Circle member and Gold Certified Partner of Microsoft Dynamics, is a leading Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM solution provider having its existence in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and other parts of the Middle East and Africa. In 2011, Maison was also named into the Microsoft Dynamics President’s Club for the 4th consecutive year.

The University of Management and Technology (UMT), a Premier-Level Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance member,is a project of the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Trust, and has evolved into a premier institution of higher learning in Pakistan. UMT, a Microsoft Dynamics Student Certificate Program (MDSCP) member, provides students a competitive advantage in the job market through classroom experience with the latest Microsoft Dynamics software used every day by more than 350,000 organizations and thousands of Microsoft partners worldwide.  Find out more about the Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance by visiting

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