Freelance Community

P@SHA is bringing together freelancers from all walks of life to engage in productive discussions and exchange of ideas, with a greater focus towards technology – more broadly, Information & Communication Technologies. Given P@SHA’s mandate in the IT sector, the main focus will be towards empowering freelancers in the P@SHA Freelancer Community by:

  • Showcasing the strength of the freelancer community in Pakistan
  • Working towards creation of a conducive environment for freelancers from all over Pakistan
  • Engaging in policy discussions at national level to help build solutions that do so
  • Make industry solutions open to all freelancers who are members of the community
  • Holding freelancer meetups all 3 main cities of Pakistan
  • Working towards creating helpful resources for freelancers.
  • As a representative of the private IT industry in Pakistan, P@SHA aims to increase the size of the community through:
  • Opportunity creation and work
  • Awareness Sessions by well-known freelancers
  • Dedicated trainings and workshops

P@SHA aims to give its community members maximum exposure. For that purpose, all freelancers on the community are required to register here:

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