Folio3 launches Busted Ship for android

Busted Ship all

Folio3 recently launched its new space survival game Busted Ship for android. It is yet another addition to Folio3’s amazing list of games. This endless survival game challenges the player to twitch reaction retro gameplay, which is easy to learn but extremely hard to master.

Busted Shit features simple pick up and gameplay. The ship rotates on its own, just touch anywhere to move the ship in the direction it is facing. Player must collect energy pods to keep energy levels up and avoid the enemy outpost ships.

About the Game:

In the year 2048, during an inter galactic recon mission, your space ship hits an asteroid near the Alien Zone. Survive from being detected by the alien output ships till help arrives. The ship is losing energy and the Nav System is fried, putting the ship in an endless spin. Only you can save the ship and the recon data. The galaxy is on fire, fate of the galaxy depends on you.

User Reviews:

Move aside super hexagon [sic] This game is so deceivingly simple yet addictively difficult. Its [sic] like super hexagon meets splashy fish! –  Aamir M. Ibrahim

Adictive [sic] game [sic] Its [sic] an awesome addictive [sic] game, bet you cant [sic] face 3 enemies. – Hammad Arshad

Addicting [sic] If I have spare time I try to beat my brothers score… This game is so awesome and addictive 🙂 good job developer..  [sic] Can’t wait for more features 🙂 – Samiullah Farooqui

Busted Ship Google Play Link:

Folio3’s team is looking forward to the feedback and reviews in order to improvise the game further. They can be reached at:



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