Folio3?s Air Viking hits 4311 downloads mark in 10 days

Air Viking is a physics based puzzle action game for the iPhone and iPod Touch and is targeted towards kids and casual gamers. The goal of the game is to get the Viking “Iron Bottom” in the castle tower so he can rescue the princess, using bombs to blast and bounce him from one end of the screen to the tower at the other end; collecting treasure coins along the way to get high scores on each level.
Despite zero advertising or marketing spend, the game has got a total 4,311 downloads in all worldwide, since its release on Sept 14, 2012 – it achieved 2,409 downloads last week alone. The majority of these downloads are based in the US.
It broke into the Top 25 in the Family & Puzzle Games Categories on the App Store in Pakistan soon after its release – its highest ranks being #7 in Family Games and #15 in Puzzle Games on Sept. 19 in Pakistan. It was also ranked in the Top 100 Games on the App Store i.e. at #65 on the same day, in Pakistan.
Air Viking managed to break into the Top 100 Family Games Category in 13 countries worldwide (Pakistan, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Israel, Portugal, Romania, Bahamas, Taiwan, Finland, Turkey, Italy, France) and into the Top 100 Puzzle Games Category in 11 countries worldwide (Pakistan, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Israel, Portugal, Romania, Bahamas, Sweden, Turkey, Denmark); since its release.
It was in the Top 200 Family & Puzzle Games Categories in the US App Store over the weekend (#186 in Family Games on Sept. 22, 2012 and #140 in Puzzle Games on Sept 22, 2012 respectively).

At present, it is ranked in the Top 50 Family Games at #46 and in the Top 100 Puzzle Games at #53, on the App Store in Pakistan. It is also currently in the Top 100 Family Games on the App Store in Poland & in the Top 200 in Puzzle Games in the same country.  In Turkey it is in the Top 200 Family Games.

Air Viking is a physics based puzzle action game with simple controls, gorgeous graphics and tons of replay value. Featuring eye popping Retina graphics and amazing physics based gameplay, Air Viking is an epic adventure that will blow you away!

Key Features

•          Stunning HD graphics

•          An all new ‘explosive’ gameplay
•          60 amazing levels!
•          Slow motion and aiming features
•          Intuitive touch controls
•          Detailed In-game Help
•          Free updates!


The First chapter (first 20 levels) are available for FREE on the App Store. The remaining 2 chapters (40 levels) can be purchased in-app for $0.99.

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