Fast Food Firm Deploys Enterprise Resource System for Supply Chain Management Hardees

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Fast food chain and domestic appliances manufacturer Muhammad Din Sons Limited wanted a business management solution for its expanding interests in Pakistan. Having considered systems from Oracle and SAP, the company standardized on Microsoft Dynamics AX. Stock levels are managed more effectively, and accuracy in specifying materials requirements at the factory has improved by 400 per cent. Managers now also get performance reports in real time.

Sohail Yousaf, Chief Executive Officer, Muhammad Din Sons Limited, says: “For our manufacturing side of the business, we were previously using in-house developed software, but the solution was no longer fit for purpose—it couldn’t specify materials requirements, assist with planning, or help increase efficiency. Many of our business processes, including financials and warehousing, were largely manual. We wanted to ensure a quality dining experience for customers and maintain a competitive edge in the quick-service restaurant market. The goods required by the restaurants are highly perishable so accurate supply chain management was essential.

We made cost and benefit comparisons of all three vendors (SAP, Oracle & Microsoft Dynamics) and found that Microsoft Dynamics AX was the most cost-effective enterprise resource planning solution for us.

Real-time reporting has always been a management dream—and now it is a reality. Every employee interacts with patrons of the restaurants and that sometimes increases the potential for theft. We now have a reliable inventory system and can control the business properly.

With the help of Microsoft Dynamics AX, stock levels are now maintained effectively, and we’ve improved our accuracy in specifying materials requirements by around 400 per cent.”

Once the solution was finalized, numerous partners were available in the market and a detailed selection process was done to select the best partner, financial quote was no more the criteria and capabilities were evaluated. The reason to choose Maison Consulting over other partners was their knowledge of process and expertise at multiple levels in their team with a clear distinction amongst other consulting companies.

Sultan Hamdani, Partner, Maison Consulting and Solutions, says: “A key reason for choosing Microsoft Dynamics technology was our experience as a Microsoft partner, having already worked with 60 companies in Pakistan. The customer was very happy with our implementation capabilities compared to Oracle and SAP partners.”

He further said, “In the case of SAP, the customer would have had a longer implementation time. All training was provided by us as the partner for Microsoft Dynamics AX and we have also signed a support contract. In fact, we rarely need to go on-site except when they open a new Hardees outlet.”


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