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CRACK – IT – 2013– Pakistan’s nationwide Hackathon

October 9, 2013
October 12, 2013
Karachi, Lahore

crack it

P@SHA partners with PAS (Pakistan Advertisers Society)  to bring Crack-It 2013: a competition where marketers and techies team up to create great strategies and solutions. You will be working against real briefs, against real life challenges, and producing real solutions and presenting to real clients. Get a team of fantastic foursome, one Creative, one Developer, one Strategist and one Marketer. They say when the going gets tough, the tough get going.



You will only have 12 hours to come-up with a strategy and prototype your solution.

Crack -It will be a straight 12-hour competition open to all professionals and students from Pakistan in the field of marketing, advertising and IT, where teams will compete with their ideas and technological solutions against a given challenge or objective.



On the day of the competition, the participating teams will be given a real life challenge that a particular brand is facing or an objective that a brand wants to achieve that requires not only a digital strategy but a practical implementable solution that leverages single or multiple digital platforms to achieve the desired goal. Eg: App, website, game, software solution, innovative digital marketing activity.

The team that comes up with the most comprehensive strategy and solution that is innovative and unique in its approach, keeping our environment in mind, and tackles the challenge at its cores will be the winning team of Crack-It.


The competition will take place in two rounds:

1. Preliminary Round -The Competition Day

The competition will start at 9am to 9pm – 12hrs straight.

Teams will be given a single task to propose their strategy and solution.

At the end of the competition, each team will require to submit a one page brief and the prototype that best describes their strategy and solution pertaining to the task at hand.

Solutions will have to be presented with a prototype. The prototype can be in any format i.e. Flash, PowerPoint, HTML, etc.

Please note that a prototype of the solution is a must along with the strategy.

Top 10 teams to be shortlisted that will qualify for the second and the final round.


2. Final Round -Presentation Round

The finalists will be informed 2 days in advance to prepare a presentation on their strategy and solution.

The presentation not to be of more than 10 slides, title slide included.

Each team will be given 5 minutes to present their idea. The Jury will have another 5 minutes to ask questions.

Top three teams from the final round will be invited to present their strategy and solution at the PAS Digital Marketing and Advertising Conference ‘Dig-It 2.0’ to be held on October 30-31, 2013 in Karachi.



The winners of PAS Crack –It Competition will win a cash prize of Rs. 150,000 and chance to pitch in your idea to the brand.






Finalists announced  – OCTOBER 16, 2013

Second Round “Final Presentation”- Karachi – OCTOBER 19, 2013

Final Winning Team Announce at “Dig-It 2.0” – OCTOBER 30, 2013


For more details visit: http://www.pas.org.pk/crackit/