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P@SHA LaunchPad 2013 process & shortlisted candidates

June 25, 2013
June 29, 2013
Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad

psha-launchpad-logoThe Oversight Committee have shortlisted the ideas/projects for the P@SHA LaunchPad 2013. The candidates from Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad have been notified already.


There are three categories this year:

  • Innovative Idea for an ICT product/service
  • Startup with an Innovative ICT product/service
  • Innovative Idea which uses ICT for Social impact

There will be a winner in each category in each of the three cities (i.e. a total of 9 winners). If you have applied from any city other than Karachi, Lahore or Islamabad, you need to email services@pasha.org.pk and inform us which of the 3 cities you will be able to present in.


This is the process that will be followed:

1. June 19 evening – Shortlisted Candidates will be informed. They will have to confirm that they will present their idea/startup on the following dates:

LAHORE : June 25 – Sayyed Saigol Auditorium, Main Academic Block  LUMS – 5 pm to 8 pm


KARACHI: June 29 – Sheraton Hotel, Ballroom B  1:30 pm to 6 pm 

2. On the Presentation day in each city, shortlisted candidates will be asked to present a 5 minute pitch regarding their idea/product or service. This will be followed by a 5 minute Q&A session. The Panel of judges comprising experienced IT entrepreneurs from the local community in each city will determine the winning idea in each category. To assist you in preparing your pitch, we are attaching a template here P@SHA LaunchPad 2013 Template. You do not have to use this – it is meant to give you a sample of what is expected from you.

3. Judging Criteria – Each idea or product/service will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Does it solve a Business, Individual or Community problem?
  • Is it innovative?
  • Is there a viable market for it in Pakistan or elsewhere?
  • Does such a product already exist? How is this one different? What is the competitive advantage?
  • What is your business model? How will the idea be sustainable?
  • Is the team able to deliver on the idea?
  • Communication Skills – your ability to present the idea well

4. Mentoring – The winning ideas will be assigned mentors to help them develop the idea/product/service.

5. Cash Award – Each winner in the three categories in each city will receive Rs. 200,000 to help them develop the idea/product/service.

6. Register to attend the event – Whether you are shortlisted to present or not; whether you have submitted an idea or not, you are welcome to attend the events in each city. Though there is no registration fee, you will however have to register to attend the events at: http://goo.gl/AENZq. Please only register if you are planning to attend the events so that we can make arrangements accordingly.


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Shortlisted Projects


S.No. Name Organization Idea/ startup name Category
1 Hunaid Hameed Private A Level Candidate Automatic Papers Start-up
2 Syed Tauqeer Hasan NED University of Engineering and Technology M.I.S.T. (Mapping and Inspection of real-time Stream of vehicular Traffic) Social Innovation
3 Abdullah Soomro Creative Bull Goomsa Idea
4 Syed Fawad Adil SSUET Visible Light Communication Idea
5 Faizan raza Hyper Breed Disaster Relief Infornation Portal Social Innovation
6 Ali Shaheer Ejaz University of Karachi Stuffwrap Start-up
7 Sameer Ahmed Khan OuzelSystems / University of Karachi Game O Chat Start-up
8 Mehwish Yousuf NED University of Engineering and Technology Vision Testing Application Social Innovation
9 Khurram Meraj Entellics Entel-Buy Start-up
10 Syeda Areej Kamal TegoCeler Taez Tajori Idea
11 Humzah Al-Kindi NED University of Engineering and Technology Smart Supply Chain Idea
12 Kamran Iqbal Preston University www.triggerimpact.com Social Innovation
13 Madiha Aslam NED University of Engineering and Technology Home Inventory System (to predict Market Trends of various brands) Start-up
14 Muhammad Atta khan Ned University for Engg. and Technology Bringing Dynamic Simulation to Engineer in the field – A mobile Driven Approach Social Innovation
15 M. Kashif Qamar Karachi University Social Detective Social Innovation
16 Mohammad Bilal Shaikh Ole Inc Social Cops Social Innovation
17 Bushra Afreen Institute Of Business Administration Karachi Crowdsourcing Reporting Into Alert Notifications Idea
18 Muhammad Yousuf Sohail University of Karachi Sawari Social Innovation
20 Omar Hassan Akhtar FAST – NUCES Named Entity Recognition Idea
21 Waqas University Of Karachi Autonomous Vehicle Idea
22 Mashall Chaudhri Reading Room Project Reading Room Project Social Innovation

*Note: The names above appear in no particular order and should not be considered as a ranking

*Winners in bold



S.No. Name Organization Idea/ startup name Category
1 Samir Saleem HybridSignals SocialDecision Start-up
2 Wajiha Luqman HBS Technologies Pvt Ltd. PayX Start-up
3 Muhammad Jamil Lilla Brothers www.ghallamandi.com Start-up
4 Umer Shahzad FAST – NUCES Mabble Idea
5 Moeez Hassan Qadri LUMS e-payments Solution Idea
6 Muhammad Imran Lahore school of economics Call A Rickshaw Social Innovation
7 Daniyal Shahid FAST-NU Kia Scene Hai? Start-up
8 Zeeshan Ahmad National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences – FAST, Lahore DS Omni Start-up
9 Mohammad Shabaz Appscinated (Pvt.) Ltd. C2Call SDK Start-up
10 Muhammad Junaid Saleem KamataPakistan KamataPakistan Start-up
11 Arslan khan Khakwani Tricast Media Pvt Ltd Cricket Companion Eco System Startup
12 Salman Mahmood UMT Scent Beyond the Circumscribe Idea
13 Zermeen Sahar Lahore Grammar School 55 Mian Awam Ki Awaz Social Innovation
14 Waqas Ismail Ingenious Zone Webi Start-up
15 Usman Raza University of Central Punjab Controlled of Prosthetic hand using EMG signals Social Innovation
16 Muhammad Bilal SmartPort Swap Device Start-up
17 Salman Asif Lahore University of management Sciences Smart Gridy Idea
18 Ahmad Zafar Khan University of Management and Technology Protekt Idea
19 Areeb Kamran SAP Consulting Noustix Idea
 20 Usman Latif Internet Marketing Pakistan Best Price Ads Idea

*Winners in bold

*Note: The names above appear in no particular order and should not be considered as a ranking



S.No. Name Organization Idea/ startup name Category
1 salman amjad techvilla solutions Soccum(social networking website) Start-up
2 Owais Anjum eMumba Private Limited Cricout Start-up
3 Amina URDU CENTRE Game Social Innovation
4 Shahzad Sadiq Progosoft Web based Sales monitoring systeam for pharmaceutical and food industries Start-up
5 Usama Atique National University Of Computer and Emerging Sciences Islamabad SMS Based Disease Spread Monitoring and Early Cure System Idea
6 Usman Sajid CEME, NUST AUPixels Start-up
7 Azm Dar Rocxial ROCXIAL Start-up
8 Qasim Ikram Celoks SEED Social Innovation
9 Innayat Ullah National University of Sciences and Technology Green Pakistan Social Innovation
10 SYED Yasir HASSAN National University of Sciences & Technology Al-Zaharawi Start-up
11 Iram Tariq Bhatti Self employed LabMagic Idea
12 Muhammad Umar Javed Data Solutions RESPONSE Start-up
13 Usman Sajid CEME, NUST SocialBox Social Innovation
14 Navid Sadiq Data Solutions Private Limited Points Idea
15 Nadir Viqar DSPL Pakistan Real Estate Assistant Idea
16 Akhtar Khalil iFahja Consulting Private Limited my Smart Remote Start-up
17 Sohail Abid ITRC Citizens’ Voice: Public Registry for Open Internet Social Innovation
18 Imran Latif Jumpshare Give Away Social Innovation
19 Ali Raza Ali Raza Islamic Coloring Book Start-up
20 Sajid Shah Silk Route Interactive Crime Mapping & Effective Crime Control Strategies Start-up


*Winners in bold

*Note:  The names above appear in no particular order and should not be considered as a ranking

Usman Latif Internet Marketing Pakistan Best Price Ads Idea