EfroTech’s ePayroll deployed at Reckitt Benckiser UAE

Reckitt Benckiser is a world leader in the global household, health and personal care sectors. They have big-name brands like Finish, Vanish, Dettol and Veet that aim to achieve global market leadership. Through them along with practices and cutting edge solutions they’ve become No.1 in the vast majority of markets and categories. They operate in no fewer than 60 countries including UAE while brands are sold across 180.

The Challenge:

Before EfroTech’s ePayroll, RB (UAE) was allocating an inordinate amount of time and resources to payroll pro­cessing. Because they had been using an outdated solution that was extremely rigid, RB encoun­tered many processing problems as its employee base grew and additional management reports were needed. On numerous occasions, payroll processors found themselves working until mid­night to ensure that the RB’s employees would be paid on time. This situation not only created excessive overtime compensation, but it also resulted in unnecessary stress on the payroll staff and prevented them from accomplishing other tasks. Additionally, the old payroll system was incapable of compiling the management reports RB needed to analyze employee costs and to forecast the impact of changes in compensation or staffing.

Mistakes with processing payroll caused embarrassment. Furthermore, payroll processing is a recurring activity, so there were so many chances to make errors and mistakes too, getting all the required tax forms, deposits and payments right was another issue.

RB previously used payroll system did not have the ability to track and report on critical human resource functions, such as staffing, benefits expense, and variable compensation pay. These difficulties led the RB to search for an integrated and affordable payroll solution.

The Solution:

The Management was left with two options; Either to hire a dedicated resource that works out the details of payroll as not only is this generally the highest single cost centre, but also because it involves government regulations and financial planning; Or, opt for a tried and tested payroll solution that integrates with the corporate financial accounting application, ensures online transfer of funds to employee accounts, generates all the tax-related documentation and is available for reporting 24/7. The sure choice, given the rising cost of production and the need for assigning more bottom-line-oriented tasks to employees, was opting for robust software.

RB considered both in-house and outsourcing options and quickly determined that a reliable IT vendor’s solution would afford both the internal control and the level of functionality that needed. After considering numerous payroll system providers, RB chose EforTech’s ePayroll. RB was impressed with the practical solutions and efficient operations that were provided them in Pakistan by EfroTech.

Key Features:

EfroTech’s ePayroll meets all the requirements for the efficient payroll management any professional and growth-oriented business needs.

Why EfroTech’s ePayroll Signifies:

EfroTech’s ePayroll system allows RB’s executives to be more responsive to employees and management with a workflow process that streamlines HR operations. It also helps maintain a competitive workforce by saving a great deal of time which eventually allows them to efficiently attend to their other, core tasks. RB found that they gain greater control of their payroll processing at a fraction of the cost of outsourcing and can keep up with the latest payroll tax compliance issues and regulations.

EfroTech’s ePayroll software makes the process easier for RB by making calculations quick and easy. A piece of software is typically able to instantly complete calculations that might take hours, if done manually. It also automates end-of-year reports and all of the pay slips and reports will be saved in the system so that if you need a copy in the future of any document, you would be able to print one off quickly and easily without having to scour through a filing cabinet to locate it.

RB is now able to retrieve or review all calculations, tax and payroll reports from anywhere in the world. Without having to install software on each individual computer they need to perform these preparatory or review tasks on they can perform all the weekly, monthly or yearly tasks using an online Payroll solution.

Business Benefits realized by RB:

The biggest beneficiaries of such a system are HR personnel because with this precious unconsumed time they can put their efforts and emphasize on more strategic initiatives like defining and improving upon policies, strategies, and procedures.

RB UAE soon realized that by deploying and taking technological move they have actually converted their weakness into competence and in a way enhanced their competitiveness. The gains from this automation translate into real advantages:

  • Enhanced Employees satisfaction
  • Streamlined HR processes that accommodate rapid company growth
  • Enhanced the accuracy & eliminated several days of work
  • Control of complex and unique payroll, resulting in greater operational efficiencies
  • Reduced administrative staff
  • Redirected staff to strategic assignments
  • Improved reporting & enhanced, streamlined reporting capabilities
  • Centralized payroll operations that resulted in greater cost savings
  • 80% productivity increase in payroll
  • Improved ability to manage growth
  • More time for strategic HR initiatives
  • Reduces time for payroll processing by 55%
  • Simplifies tax reporting
  • Provides workforce empowerment

Successful Outcomes:

A contemporary power packed, functionality-rich web based payroll solution, like EfroTech’s ePayroll holds a multitude of benefits. Not only it does fully automate and streamline the payroll function of RB, the solution is so comprehensive that it assures total compliance with the entire payroll-related legal obligations of UAE. It is simple to use and cost effective. It is the high-tech payroll management software that can be easily and securely accessed through any web browser, anywhere in the world. This internet accessibility allows RB to deploy their payroll management solution across multiple remote locations and business units.

These highlighted capabilities vastly improve RB’s ROI and employees’ satisfaction, as well as makes RB more productive


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