DyStar Pakistan maximizes its HR potential with TimeTrax HCMS


DyStar Pakistan, a solution provider offering customers across the globe a complete range of colorants, auxiliaries and services opted for the cloud-version of TimeTrax HCM Solution (TT Cloud 2.0) which includes:

  • eAttendance; Attendance Management System
  • TT-20 Fingerprint Device
  • eLeave; Workflow-based Leave Management System
  • ePayroll; Payroll Management System

TimeTrax eAttendance is helping DyStar Pakistan manage attendance management challenges with ease. Integrated with TT-20 Fingerprint & other legacy devices, TimeTrax solution is providing a convenient way to track employees’ attendance and productivity. The eAttendance module also empowers them to calculate payroll accurately, reduces resource deployment and minimizes compliance risks and thus helps make smarter business decisions.

Workflow-based eLeave closely integrated with timesheet/attendance and payroll processing modules, facilitates the online process of leave application and approval with notifications anywhere, anytime. It also supports monthly and yearly leave balances for DyStar Pakistan’s staff.

For DyStar Pakistan ePayroll is an excellent system to manage their payroll. It provides freedom from complications of statutory payroll calculations & enables generating and sharing pay-slips accurately & centrally for multiple branches/locations (Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad & India) within the company with just a few clicks. As employees are very touchy about errors in payroll – Timely & accurate payroll payments are vital to keep morale high among them and ePayroll attains just that!

TimeTrax Cloud-enabled HCM Software is a feature-rich solution that optimizes workforce management, provides a number of modules to automate HR transactions and delivers information without requiring manual intervention. TimeTrax Cloud version comes with affordable pricing and with no upfront OS licensing or server costs; just pay an yearly fee for everything based on the active employees you are managing. All you need is a browser and an internet connection.

Commenting on deployment of the TimeTrax HCM Solution, Sana Waqas (HOD of HR – Admin & Assistant to MD) said:

“With just under 27 employees, we wanted an effective HR solution which would be easy to implement and intuitive for our staff to use and for that we chose TimeTrax which is a cloud-ready & self-service based HR Solution to support our HR needs of Attendance, Leave and Payroll Management.”




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