Credit Libanais transforms their ATM customer experience with TPS Payment Platform

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P@SHA Member TPS has signed an agreement with Credit Libanais (Lebanon’s leading bank) to provide its services through electronic banking channels. The bank aims its alternate distribution infrastructure to include enhanced productivity and adopting a more agile environment to improve customer experience.

IRIS, an omni-channel payment platform powered by TPS, is being used by the bank for its alternate delivery channel strategy and business objectives as it serves as a foundation on which new, innovative services can be added on channels with great ease and in very quick span of time.

IRIS has been upgraded in the bank to provide Smart ATM services with major enhancements in Product Management and Business Intelligence modules. Smart ATM services work on customer usage trends to give a personalized experience to the bank’s customers. With IRIS Smart ATM feature, the bank’s ATMs will now be able to predict a customer’s favorite transaction based on his usage and preferences, as well as offer targeted banking products to different segments of customers on the ATMs.

TPS’s vision of ATM personalization goes way beyond language preference and favorite transaction. The solution gives each ATM terminal a specific personality based on region, location, time of day, and even by potential relationship with customers as each transaction is considered as an opportunity to have a personal conversation with customers. The solution enables the bank to drive a targeted and personalized marketing campaign for a particular customer or demographic.

“Targeting the right customer at the right time and delivering them a personalized message is our goal,” said Anthony Ussher, Deputy General Manager E-Banking Division at Credit Libanais, “And we believe that data analytics to understand customer behavior is essential to managing a personalized ATM marketing campaign. The solution offered by TPS enables us to give our customers a feeling of association with our bank.”

“TPS is working closely with Credit Libanais in its transformational journey of becoming a truly world class bank providing a seamless banking experiences to its customers ,” said Ahson Saeed, Global Head Business Development at TPS, “At TPS, we understand our client’s business needs and help them deliver innovation and business outcomes that positively impact their business performance.”


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