Candidates For P@SHA ICT Awards 2019


Elections for the Central Executive Committee CEC for Pakistan Software Houses Association are set to be held on September 17th, 2019 in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi.

This year, the candidates for the CEC Elections are:

  • Shahzad Shahid –  TPS Worldwide
  • Umair Nizam – EcommerceGateway Pakistan
  • Amin Ansari – Stewart Pakistan Private Limited
  • Shamim Rajani – GenetechSolutions
  • Azam Mughal – SecureBeans
  • Mujeeb Zahur – S&P Global
  • Naseer A. Akhtar – INFOTECH
  • Waqas Pitafi – DevBatch Inc.
  • Zeeshan Aftab – 10Pearls
  • Syed Ali – 7Vals
  • Misbah Ali – Moftak Solutions
  • Zeeshan Abro – Verge Systems (Pvt) Ltd

Authorized Representatives of eligible member companies can vote for a total of FIVE preferred candidates.

The venues for all three cities will be disclosed later.


P@SHA’s video on Youtube Account of PASHA PK