Candela RMS Ramps Up Its Functionality and Security with Server Hosting on Microsoft Azure

P@SHA Member LumenSoft Technologies caters to the retail industry with its Candela RMS solution, announced Candela server is now hosted on Microsoft Azure, giving retailers an affordable and secure platform to manage the entire retail cycle. Security and privacy are embedded into the Azure cloud platform, and Azure is continually updated to make it even more secure. This helps Candela users encrypt sensitive data and helps protect virtual machines from viruses and malware attacks. Azure’s pay-as-you-go model helps reduce upfront costs while providing remote access to business from anywhere in the world. Moreover, Azure contains built-in SQL Server database functionality, which helps boost application performance as both Candela and its database exist on the same server.


With 2,500-plus customers and inroads in 100 Pakistani cities plus eight countries worldwide, Candela RMS is a complete barcode-enabled retail solution. It provides seamless management of the purchases, stock flow and sales of a retail store and can easily scale up to manage a retail chain of hundreds of stores. 


“As our single store and chain-store customers continue to expand and go global, they have a good reason to amp up their security and reduce infrastructure costs. Candela server on Microsoft Azure is a significant facility for retailers of all sizes and verticals who want to have complete and hassle-free control over their businesses,” said Abdul Aziz, CEO of LumenSoft. “Now Candela users don’t need to have a dedicated server room or worry about power failures and data theft.”


ShiSh Shridhar, director of retail business development, Microsoft Corp. said, “In today’s market, it’s becoming more and more critical that retailers adopt an omnichannel strategy, blending online and in-store experiences to meet customer demands. Solutions like Candela RMS enable retailers to better manage their business, allowing them to create seamless experiences for customers and  meet the demands of the fast-changing retail industry.”


LumenSoft Technolgoies is a software development and technology consultancy serving the retail industry since 2002 by offering trusted POS solutions to thousands of single and multi- store chains. Trusted by 2,500-plus retailers across the globe, our products help retailers automate and optimize the entire retail experience and maximize return on investment.


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