C Square Consulting launches ‘Intellekt Kiosk’

P@SHA Member C Square Consulting has announced launch of new generation self-service digital kiosk solutions “Intellekt Kiosk” with an aim to support the State Bank of Pakistan’s financial inclusion programme.

Intellekt banking kiosk aims at facilitating banks to rapidly expand their customer base, through convenience in the opening of mobile wallets and bank accounts and the enablement of transactions service at the remote non-branch locations. This Kiosk essentially allows the large and small banks to effectively increase their country-wide presence and increase their customer base.

Talking at 15th e-banking conference, organized by Total Communication, Ahsan Mashkoor CEO and Co-Founder of C Square Consulting said the launching of this kiosk is a part of efforts to enhance the banking services’ outreach and further bank the unbanked masses as presently a large number of masses in rural as well as in urban areas are not availing banking services.

He informed that out of 200 million population presently, there some 30 million bank accounts and 125 million mobile accounts and there is need to utilize the latest technology to bank the unbanked masses.

“C Square Consulting has launched “Intellekt Kiosk” that enables the unbanked person to open bank account in 2 to 3 minutes complying State Bank’s minimum “Know Your Customer” (KYC) requirement,” he maintained.

The self-service kiosk brings ease for the banking industry, ie, opening of mobile wallet and normal bank accounts, enabling financial or non-financial transactions and services at remote non-branch locations, he added.

He said with two languages, ie, English and Urdu, users can also avail the video assisted technology alongside that will guide the customer how to create an account. “To help the less educated people, Intellekt comes built-in with the capability of Virtual Video Assistance (VVA) that can be engaged by the customer at any time during any transaction or interaction,” he added.

Mashkoor, who have vast experience of 11 years in finance and telecom industry, said that INTELLEKT Kiosk with enable the banks to effectively increase their country-wide presence and customer base without opening branch.

In order to meet the KYC, the machine is linked with NADRA’s data base for biometric authentication of customer. This Kiosk will issue Bank’s Debit Card instantly for an associated wallet/account, besides cash deposit service, account services, funds transfer and bill payment facility.

The CEO of C Square Consulting said more hardware updates and services can also be integrated and implemented to match future customer requirements in this Kiosk.


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