Avanza Solutions signs strategic partnership with SmartKomms Nigeria for ATM Switch and Blockchain Solutions


Avanza Solutions signed SmartKomms as a strategic partner for the West African region to provide ATM, Switching, and Blockchain Solutions.

The agreement will enable SmartKomms to cater to the West African market with Avanza’s advanced product portfolio. SmartKomms will be authorized to provide Avanza’s state-of-the-art solutions comprising of ATM Switches, Middleware, Customer Experience Management platforms, Blockchain, and AI platforms.

The companies officially signed the agreement at the Dot Finance Africa conference and exhibition held in Kigali, Nigeria.

Mr. Waqas Mirza (CMO & MD — Avanza Solutions) said, “Avanza takes pride in its passion and drive to enrich lives through technology, today we are moving towards expanding our global footprint and to reach out to a new segment of customers and ultimately consumers. With SmartKomms, we aim to strike a strong fit and establish synergies that enable innovation, progress, and most importantly growth for the sector.”

Mr. Mako Alabi (Founder & CEO — SmartKomms) said, “I am delighted to have secured this partnership, Avanza is an organization that has innovation in its DNA and is an ideal fit for SmartKomms. With Avanza’s state-of-the-art fintech solutions, I am sure we can take the banking and financial industry to the next level. SmartKomms aims to develop new interoperability and integrated digital channels to deliver seamless customer experience with innovative and secure services to realize full financial inclusion in Africa. ”



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