Avanceon implements iWater for Lal Pir Power (Pvt.) Ltd.

Project Name

Installation of “iWater – Energy Management Solution” equipped with state-of-art technology hardware and instruments.

Business Challenge

Each penny saved today worth hundreds & thousands tomorrow!

Organizations related to any arena need to survive in progressively competitive and challenging markets through proper performance monitoring and valuable energy saving which ultimately turn into financial benefits. Increasing fuel prices, high cost of production & lower selling price are of vital importance for being considered in the plan of profit enhancing decisions. The key to lower production cost and adjusting the same in increasing production to cover up the demand, while staying competitive,  lies in real time energy savings solutions. The return from savings can then be reinvested to produce more and increase profits.

Lal Pir, still being an efficient power producer, was working on ways to further reduce their energy and fuel cost/consumption and reduce carbon footprint at their plant. Avanceon proposed its intellectual ‘iWater’ guaranteed Energy Savings Solution to Lal Pir to reduce energy consumption in water applications including Cooling, Demin, Filter and Clarifier Water System in phase-1.

iWater Project

Project Award: iWater project worth USD 2.0 Million was awarded to Avanceon in Q1 2012. This was the outcome of determined and untiring efforts of teams from Avanceon & Lal Pir. The project will have savings in electricity and fuel usage at plant for internal operations.

Energy Audit & PHA: Avanceon conducted an Energy Audit for around 2 weeks at Lal Pir plant site and evaluated significant savings potential.

Subsequently, a detailed Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) was carried out as per DuPont standards with Lal Pir team.

Project Status: The project is currently in detailed engineering & designing phase. Project Factory Acceptance Test is expected to be completed in July/August 2012.

Project Energy Tests: The project will be commissioned in September/October 2012. The pre & post energy tests will be performed to determine exact tangible savings.

Key future benefits that will be achieved by Lal Pir Power:

  • Guaranteed (Risk free) project IRR of over 20% offering absolutely no financial risk to customer for reduced savings.
  • Tangible energy savings to be realized through pre and post project energy tests.
  • Real time Water and Energy consumption profiling along with alarms & events log.
  • Smooth process operations and reduced maintenance costs.

About “EMS” Division

Avanceon EMS is a division of Avanceon. Our dedicated group of Certified Energy Managers (CEM’s), Professional Engineers and Carbon Reduction Managers will help you reach your energy and emission reduction goals through our patented conservation solutions and partner relationships.

iWater is one of Avanceon’s proprietary integrated packages which optimize energy consumption in water systems through efficient demand & supply management. iWater project offers turnkey services, including feasibility analysis, detailed energy audit, design, equipment’s supply, installation, engineering, project management, and financial guarantee. Offered energy savings are realized through pre and post project energy tests. All the financial, technical and project risks are borne by Avanceon.

Demand Based Supply Management is the main methodology used by iWater package to optimize the water system control. iWater software acts as a supervisory management and calculation engine for energy calculations and determination of optimized control regime depending upon specific process requirements on different operating loads. It gathers process requirement of water (other liquid) flow, pressure and temperature by directly interacting with the field instruments or through communication with existing process control system (DCS, PLC, SCADA etc.) to determine exact demand of water energy at different plant users including heat exchangers, process equipment, storage areas and other users. The optimized control set points are calculated in real time and the control regime is then implemented through iWater control system via cascaded speed drives and/or control valves.

Our other energy savings solutions/services are listed below:

  • iUtility Products
  • iWater – Guaranteed energy savings on water applications (and other liquid streams).
  • iAir – Guaranteed energy savings on compressed air systems .
  • iboiler  – Guaranteed energy savings on boiler and steam systems.
  • iPower – Power Plant Performance Management System.
  • iEnergy Dashboard – A complete package for online energy and mass balance for industrial utilities including Fuel, Water, Compressed Air, Steam and Electricity along with Consumption profile at different business units and departments of the plant, offering real-time view to plant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from anywhere and direct connectivity to ERP systems.

About Avanceon

Since 1984, Avanceon has been a leader in the design, development, and implementation of manufacturing technology solutions that result in reliable control automation and information management systems. Avanceon specializes in the development of real-time performance management systems for the process and discrete manufacturing industries.

With the international capability to deliver engineering services in electrical, controls, machine design, information technology, and manufacturing business strategy, Avanceon creates integrated solutions that enable clients to control, improve, and optimize their manufacturing processes. Avanceon’s experience in engineering services, software solutions, energy optimization, and support services enable our clients the opportunity to achieve powerful business results.

About Lal Pir Power

Lal Pir (Pvt.) Limited owns and operates Lal Pir Thermal Power station with capacity of 365MW, most efficient power plant in Pakistan, Located near “Muzaffargarh”. Their generating units are fitted with flue gas desulphurization (FGD) equipment removing 90% of the sulphur dioxide (SO2) from emissions, and work is underway to reduce still further emissions of oxides of nitrogen (NOx). At the same time, by-products of the FGD processes are recycled through their further use in the construction industry.

Lalpir is one of the world’s leading power companies that generates and distributes electric power in 26 countries through an array of world-class power businesses. In some regions their power may drive supercomputers and cutting-edge industrial technologies, while in others they may be delivering the first reliable source of electricity to hospitals, homes, schools and businesses.

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