Apply for the AllWorldNetwork Pakistan Fast Growth 100

Last year the AllWorld Network identified the fastest growing companies in Pakistan called the Pakistan 25. You will remember that of these, 11 of them were technology companies. This year already there has been a great response to the call for entries for the Pakistan 100. Being in the Pakistan 100 will provide you with Visibility, Credibility, New Business & Networking opportunities and Employee Pride. Have you applied? If not, there is still time – only a week. The deadline is September 30. Apply NOW at

AllWorld Network, which was established in 2007 by Deirdre Coyle, Anne Habiby and Harvard Business School Professor Michael Porter, after many years of promoting entrepreneurship in the developed and developing worlds, has one mission – to find and scale ALL the growth entrepreneurs of the emerging world, creating the largest information system and network of growth entrepreneurs.   They want to build a global platform to spark the next economy. In their own words, they are “building the Facebook of economics.”

So what does AllWorld do? They rank fast growing private companies and put them on the world map, drawing the market to them in new capital and opportunities – Visibility EconomicsTM.  According to AllWorld Network  “The emerging world does not suffer from a capability deficit; it suffers from a visibility deficit.  Without visibility, companies can’t get to scale and countries can’t prosper.”

AllWorld started by creating country 25 and 100 rankings (Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Pakistan, India and South Africa), which we are now expanding to regional 500s.  These 500s are benchmarked to the famous US Inc. 500.

How does a company make an AllWorld ranking?  By pure performance: they apply on line at, demonstrate strong competitive capacity, and a 3-year history of annual revenue growth of 40% or more documented by audited statements.



P@SHA’s video on Youtube Account of PASHA PK