APICTA Exco visits Lahore


The APICTA Executive Committee arrived in Lahore earlier this month to hold the 45th APICTA Exco Meeting and to discuss the Asia Pacific ICT Alliance (APICTA) Awards for 2014 which will be hosted in Pakistan.

Chairman P@SHA, Salim Ghauri and President P@SHA, Jehan Ara, members of the P@SHA CEC and senior APICTA Pakistan Organizing Committee members provided the APICTA delegation a warm welcome in Lahore and made sure that their stay was productive as well as enjoyable. The Exco delegates represented Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Australia, China and Macau.

The delegates included Dr. Dileepa de Silva – Managing Director of Information Technologies Management, Ahmad Niran Mohammad Noor – Vice President, Malaysian Development Corporation, Stephen Lau– Vice President, Hong Kong Computer Society, Russell Yardley – Australian Information Industry Association, Shirley Wong Singapore IT Federation, Muhammad Fahmi Ismail – APICTA Secretariat Member, Ding-Kai Wang – Consultant, Taipei Computer Association, Chih-Ming Shih – APICTA Exco Member, Taipei, Dilok Gunatilaka from The Association of Thai ICT Industry (ATCI), Michael Chan from the Macau Industry Association, Dr. Lu Hui representing the Guangdong Software Assocaiton, Jit Singh Santok Singh from PIKOM Malaysia, Suphachai and Mic Sachaphibulkij representing The Association of Thai ICT Industry.

While the APICTA EXCO Meeting agenda remained the core emphasis of the visitors, P@SHA representatives and industry stalwarts such as Naseer Akhtar (CEO, Infotech), Zafar Khan (CEO, Sofizar), Faizan Siddiqi (MD, DGS), Badar Khushnood (Pakistan Country Consultant, Google Inc.) gave the delegation a tour of the city as they visited the key tourism sites of Lahore such as the Badshahi Mosque, Lahore Fort, Haveli Restaurant, Food street and Liberty Market to name a few and sampled the warmth, culture and amazing food that Lahore has to offer.

Dr. Umar Saif – Chairman PITB also met the APICTA Exco at the PITB office and guaranteed Pakistan will host a remarkable technology event in the form of APICTA 2014 in Lahore this November. They also visited the Plan 9 Incubation Center and the Information Technology Industry.

As the APICTA Executive Committee left, they went with an entirely positive image of Pakistan as they look forward to APICTA 2014 in Lahore.


P@SHA’s video on Youtube Account of PASHA PK