SoloTech wins Merit in E-Inclusion & E-Community

No this is NOT Farhan Masood, CEO of SoloTech whose product TouchXS won the Runner Up award at the P@SHA ICT Awards in Lahore. Unfortunately Farhan was unable to get his visa for Malaysia in time to make it to APICTA. We thought we would have to tell the organizers that TouchXS would have to be dropped from the competition.

But then Badar Khushnood and I had an idea. Why not have one of the other participants present on his behalf? Primatics had already presented their product so Yasir Shafi was approached to ask if he would take on the challenge. He readily agreed.

I sent him the presentation that Farhan had put together for APICTA and Badar connected Yasir with Farhan on Skype that night.

The next day Yasir went in to present. He even answered some very crucial questions. You can imagine our surprise when we discovered that TouchXS had won one of the two Merit Awards in the E-Inclusion and E-Community Category. Interestingly, last year Babar Ahmed of Mindstorm Studios had been unable to participate at APICTA in Melbourne. Farhan had been there to present FaceXS another SoloTech product. He took on the task of showcasing the Mindstorm Product Cricket Revolution and it won the Merit Award in the Digital Media & Entertainment Category. Aren’t the PK techies absolutely wonderful? Congratulations Farhan and Solotech.


P@SHA’s video on Youtube Account of PASHA PK