Central Executive Committee

The Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT & ITES (P@SHA) elected a new Chairman and Central
Executive Committee which will take charge with immediate effect for the year 2018-2019.

Central Executive Committee - Office Bearers (2018~2019)

  • Syed Ahmed


  • Muhammad Zohaib Khan

    Senior Vice Chairman

  • Badar Khushnood

    Vice Chairman

  • Talhah Munir Khan


  • Shehryar Hydri

    Secretary General

  • Jehan Ara


Central Executive Committee - Members

  • Sultan Hamdani

    Member CEC

  • Abbas Ali Khan

    Member CEC

  • Barkan Saeed

    Member CEC

  • Asif Peer

    Member CEC

  • Dr. Shoab A Khan

    Member CEC

  • Jawwad Ahmed Farid

    Member CEC

  • Ahmed Ayub

    ex-Member CEC

  • Ali Syed

    ex-Member CEC

  • Haider Altaf Janjua

    ex-Member CEC

  • Muhammad Yusaf Raza

    ex-Member CEC

  • Naseer A. Akhtar

    ex-Member CEC

  • Shahzad Shahid

    ex-Member CEC

  • Amin Uddin Ansari

    ex-Member CEC

  • Farzal Dojki

    ex-Member CEC

Manifesto of Central Executive Committee (CEC)



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