61st APICTA EXCO Meeting

President P@SHA, Jehan Ara attends the 61st APICTA ECXO Meeting in Hanoi, Vietnam

President P@SHA and Founder Nest i/o, Jehan Ara visited Ha Long Bay in Hanoi, Vietnam to attend the 61st APICTA EXCO Meeting to discuss the activities around APICTA Awards 2019 set to be held in November.

The winners and runner ups of P@SHA ICT Awards will represent Pakistan in the APICTA Awards taking place in Hanoi, Vietnam this year.

About Asia Pacific ICT Alliance -APICTA: APICTA is a union of national ICT organizations who represent their respective economy to construct and improve a commonly agreeable system to advance ICT, upgrade innovation advancements, ability and appropriation, and empower the improvement of indigenous ICT answers for the worldwide market.


P@SHA’s video on Youtube Account of PASHA PK