Kualitee featured on VentureBeat!

Jamil Goheer and Khurram Mir are part of an award-winning team that has concentrated on one area of expertise in software – Quality Assurance!

Recently their product “Kualitee” was featured on VentureBeat. They announced that they were launching the world’s first iPhone-compatible quality-assurance testing platform. The Kualitee app, according to the company, is aimed at giving mobility to technicians and engineers who have to constantly monitor quality-assurance processes in factories. Usually, these engineers are tied to their desks because they have to use enterprise software that runs only on their corporate desktops. “It’s time to mobilize the quality-assurance industry,” said Khurram Mir, CMO & Co-Founder of Kualitatem, the company that launched this application

Kualitatem was founded by these two bright young graduate students who, at that time, were looking to create Pakistan’s first QA testing firm. It was formed as a university-incubator startup to develop innovative QA products and offer R&D-based, high-quality QA services to companies across the world.

What did they bring to the startup in terms of expertise, one might ask?  Jamil’s Bachelor and Master Degrees in Computer Science and his four years of IT auditing experience and Khurram’s MBA in Marketing, Bachelors in Computer Science, and with five years of QA experience, was a good beginning. And of course, the essential element – the will and passion to succeed despite all odds.

Kualitee is based on Web & iPhone based  interfaces. The web interface is made in flash and iPhone’s version is a native app. The product is a SaaS based Test Management System and hence they have developed a process which is compact yet comprehensive. “Our focus has been to ensure simplicity & ease of use of the product by all stakeholders of  the software development lifecycle,” said Khurram. “Unlike products which offer too many options and confuse clients, Kualitee offers a simple, efficient and easy-to-manage process. You can be at home or travelling the world with complete visibility into the test process at all times. Other testing platforms in the market, aside from Kualitee, include Zephyr and QMetry (SaaS based).

Kualitatem is making the product available to local Pakistani companies at a special price. For more information please contact khurram@kualitatem.com


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