10Pearls launches Lean Product Accelerator (LPA) to help entrepreneurs & start-ups bring technology products to market faster

gI_134582_10PIn response to feedback from the start-up community, 10Pearls has developed a new offering to help entrepreneurs and start-ups bring their products to market faster and more cost-effectively. The announcement was made in Herndon on 25th July, 2013.

10Pearls’ Lean Product Accelerator (LPA) applies a proven methodology to extract key information, build a requirements document and create a visual representation of the proposed product in an Agile, collaborative manner. Wireframes and other graphics assist the developers even further. As a result, the development process can be ramped up much faster. The deliverables can even be used to secure development capital from VCs or angel investors.

The LPA offering includes a number of proprietary items as well as strategy sessions, stakeholder reviews, wireframes, and overall User Experience & User Interface design (UX/UI) with clickable prototypes of the application. Clients have full ownership of all deliverables, including a product roadmap, with cost and timeline estimates for the build-out. 10Pearls also offers incentives for moving forward with a development partnership.

“After nearly 10 years of building products for all types of companies, we understand some of the unique challenges that are faced by start-ups, entrepreneurs and product owners in building out version 1.0. We are able to accelerate this phase by sharing the best practices that have made other companies that we work with successful”, Imran Aftab, Founder & CEO of 10Pearls, explained.

This initiative was launched to a limited number of test customers earlier this year and the feedback has been very positive. Adam Zuckerman, Founder of Fosterly, a resource for the entrepreneurship community, added “This is a great initiative by 10Pearls. I’m all for anything that helps entrepreneurs realize their dream of enriching people’s lives by developing technology products that are useful and well-designed.”

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